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Chandra Gahnam - 15tg June time 10.52 pm to 3.32 am

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Also i heard there is Slokam to tell at the time of starting and it shoul be chated frequently till grahnam ends
Chandra grahanam. on 15-6-2011 night from 11-56 PM. madhyam 1-45 AM. mokwsham 3 34 AM. shanthi for the stars AYILYAM,KETTAI, REVATHI,ANUSHAM,MOOLAM .should be done.as per drighanitha panchangam.

Food should not be taken after 3 PM. on wednesday. Timings will vary .slightly. You may take bath wear another dry dhothy and may do gayathri manthra japam or other manthras duly initiated by gurus. people who are doing tharpanammay start doing tharpanam from 2-45 AM. After 3-34 AM. take another bath and see the full moon and then go to sleep.

YOSOW VAJRADHARO DEVAHA AADHITHYAANAAM PRABHURMATHAHA SAHASRA NAYANA CHANDRAHA GRAHA PEETAAM VYAPOHATHU. Write this in a piece of paper and wear it on your forehead or in your hand during grahanam period. Then in the next day give it to some prohit with dakshinai and raw rice coconut thaamboolam.

mama (anu,thri) janmarkshe chandroparaaga prayuktha dosha parihaaraartham etham hiranyam thandula dhaanyam cha sampradhathey. Manthram for dhaanam.

For very liitle children father or mother can wear this at this time.

In Vaidheeka sri March 2w006 edition they have given ten slokas for this. I am giving only one here.

indhroanalo dhandadharascha rukshaha paashaudho vaayu kubera ishaha kurvanthu sarve mama janmarksha rasistha chandra graha dosha shanthim.
How will this Lunar eclipse affect a person (a woman) born on a similar

Lunar eclipse day in the same Lunar month and same star as today?

Does any one know or can any one suggest what to do?
Just a question..is an eclipse so detrimental to oneself?
I am not doubting any believe but if we feel we leave everything to God and He knows best for us..will that suffice? after all can any planetary effect be greater than God?
yes dear Renu!

I will leave it to God! :pray:

My mom told me today that I was born on a similar night in 1947

in the same lunar month and same star! I did not know it till today! :scared:
yes dear Renu!

I will leave it to God! :pray:

My mom told me today that I was born on a similar night in 1947

in the same lunar month and same star! I did not know it till today! :scared:

You know sometimes I feel we Hindus our only Fear is Fear itself.

When my mum was pregnant with me she had a fall and my dads mum didnt allow her to go to the hospital becos it was a Tuesday and she was afraid the doc will induce the birth and I would have been born on a Tuesday as my grandma was the Ultimate Ultrasound..she was always 100% right in determining the sex of the unborn baby(she knew i would be a girl).

But my mum insisted to go and they went real late also cos my grandma was not allowing, I was finally born on a Wednesday morning via Cesarean Section and I was born all blue colored becos I was in fetal distress.

anyway all was well after that..i wasnt blue anymore after been administered Oxygen.
Dear VR Ji,

I have a line for you..those of us who leave everything to God can safely say this:

Chandrashekaramashraye Mama Kim Karishyati Vai Grahana
Not open for further replies.

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