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California police chief pens open letter saying he is ‘disgusted’ son was involved


Well-known member
A California police chief has penned an open letter saying he was “disgusted” to learn his estranged son was allegedly involved in an attack on an elderly Sikh man.

Sahbit Singh Natt, 71, can be seen on security camera footage being beaten by two suspects while on his morning walk in Manteca, California. One of the suspects has been identified as Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister’s son, Tyrone.

The elder Mr McAllister wrote in an open letter to the community, located approximately 60 miles (96 km) west of Mr Natt’s home, that he was “devastated” by the suspected actions of his 18-year-old son.



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If it was a personal greeting to me or JJ, it is appreciated.
If it was a general greeting to all members, it was in a wrong thread.
This thread is struggling to get traction. So will be seen by few.


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தென்னைய பெத்தா இளநீரு
பிள்ளைய பெத்தா கண்ணீரு!

Yes we can snicker at the gesture by the police chief. But it is an honorable one. He did not have to do it.
Tell me how many other fathers will even acknowledge that their son was wrong?