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Brahma Yanjnam


I am performing Brahma Yajnam ( ब्रह्म यज्ञं) after the Madhyannam (माद्याह्न्नं). Please let me know the sequence of performing the Brahma Yanjnam, Maadyaanaam and Amaavaasya Tharpanam/Shraaddham i.e whether Brahma Yanjnam and Maadyaanaam are to be performed before or after the Tharpanam/Shraaddham.

R Balakrishnan
[email protected]


Well-known member
Daily we have to do brahma yajnam after madhyanikam. On amavasya days and on 96 tharpanam days you must do madhyanikam first and then tharpanam and then brahma yajnam. on shraadham days first do madhyanikam, sraadham and after pinda pradhanam and vadhyaar dhakshinai is over do brahmayagnam. and then dhoty squeezing with mantras and then deva puja. and next day early morning parehani tharpanam.

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