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Books to understand Brahmin ancestry

Vannakkam to all ... I am also interested in the same ... we have migrated and I am the 3rd/4th generation in Fiji and it's hard .. we know that we followers of Siva but a few things are missing.


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I read in another Forum about one Mr.SESHA SASTRY (He was a Diwan Of former Mysore State).
He was one of the learned Scholars in KASI(now Varanasi)during 16th centuary,who were ordered to be killed
by Aurangageep,Mogul emperor.Some Scholars escaped to Pune and took shelter under Shivaji.Mr.Sesha Sastri fled to Mysore.He has written a book about the conditions prevailing during those periods.
This book is reported to be a reference book in some USA universities
I have not read that book.
Dr.Praveen Kaundlay from Mr.Sesha Sastri's lineage is a bone marrow transplant surgeon(very orthodox person)in UK.


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normally the gotra of any individual tells about the lineage. in our forums I have read giving all gotras.