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Bhisma and Jatayu


Well-known member
Hi Naithru,
Let me clarify... My strong note was on the author in the OP who made the comparison, definitely not against you.
It is good that you posted this, so we all can analyse and debate this.
Also posting someone's analysis does not reflect on the poster in any way. It just brings it up for discussion.


Active member
In this fashion , by another 1000 years , Mahabharata gets rewritten by Super-duper-Sanjayas who can detect what is interpolation even 5000 years after the event.
Mahabharata gets rewritten all the time.... long long ago the Buddhists and Jains had their version of Mahabharata. But a work that is Rishi proktam, survives and becomes popular by dint of the power of the Rishi. Hence, as long as Rishi Vedavyasa (whom Adi Sankara calls Sarvajna, all knowing, with great reverence), wills, the Mahabharata will continue to remain in the minds of people.

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