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Bhaja Govindam: Dukrunjkarane


New member

The thread proved food for thought and informative.

Realized the importance of prayers.

Keep posting such threads


Well-known member
Thank you for that explanation. I have a hard time thinking of a deity or Bhagavan or Isvara like you put it, of limitless power listening to my prayer and intervening. I cannot accept such a Bhagavan because it makes no sense to my mind why God of limitless power creates us and watches over what we do. Give us free will but punish us if I do not go by the rules set by Bhagavan. By raising this question I may get labeled as an Atheist . I liked your explanations but how can I really develop devotion if I feel that religious ideas of a God are contradictory at many levels.

Here is a logical contradiction. Is God is independent and he just goes about creating all of us creatures. If so, he is really a cruel person because there are people suffering endlessly for no fault of their own.

If our sufferings and enjoyment are due to Karma of our actions of past lives then God has no independence in creating us or shaping our life. He cannot be almighty then.

So either God is powerful and cruel & arbitrary OR he is powerless - Both of these do not make sense
Anyway to resolve this ? Am I the only one seeing the contradictions or other members have similar questions too?