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Benefits of Performing Navdurga Homams in Navratri 2014

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New member
Benefits of Performing Navdurga Homams in Navratri 2014:
1. Shailaputri Durga Fulfills all the desires in your Heart
2. Brahma charini gives you knowledge of your existence and shows you the right path for Liberation
3. Chandraghanta gives you peace and Charm in your life
4. Kushmanda gives you Moksha or assured higher planets in next birth
5. Skandamata gives you Courage, Power with Humility in this life
6. Katyayini gives you good spouse and a long and happy marital life
7. Kaalratri gives you good health and longevity and removes fear of death
8. Mahagauri gives you Wealth and Prosperity
9. Siddhidaatri gives you all the Siddhis and you will become equal to Siddhars, gandharvas, yakshas and Devas by her grace and powers from her.
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