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Atharvanam vedam is not taught in Vetha padasalai...why ?

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Hi All
I have severe concern about not teaching Atharvana vedam in Gurukulam /veda padasala etc.
I try to gather some information. I have found books in Giri trading book store. If you ask any Vathiyar they say they know only Krishna Yajur veda/Rig vedam etc. Some will say they are practising rig/sama vedam etc.

For avani avittam we have classification as 'rig veda kararkal' - ist day
'yajur veda karar ' iind day 'sama veda karar ' pillayar chathurthi day. But there is no
'Atharva veda karar' why ? What is wrong in teaching /practicing this veda ?

According to Maha periyaval, Atharva veda is practised in the earlier Yuga is for destroying enemy.
For example if somebody did bad things or practised unethical way, they can recite Atharva veda
slogas for a mandalam and elimiante the person.
One way it is good. The opponent of of this veda argues, every one has enemy of other , so each
will practise and kill each other.

But some so called 'chithars who are in USA' are claiming that they had studied Atharva veda
and have the power to solve anybody's problem.

If Atharva veda has immense power, it is useful for many people , who can get complete relief for
their sufferings.

I wish Sankara madam must take effective steps to protect this veda, by teaching in all veda patasala, publishing books. If we do not initiate this process, after some years, this veda may
be in name (no reality).

Dear sir,

If adharvana veda is practiced wrongly it will have the revers swing and hit the person who used it or practiced it. More over the same is practiced in kerala by so called mandhrigas.
hi ,suresh 2012,a very meaningful question .all 4 vedas are powerful indeed ,but the rest 3 are sattivic type ie one can be taught to do his duties ,rituals ,(for loukega life format .)but ,ATHARVANA VEDA is very potential ,all concepts even science ,medical ,astronamical ,and all along with what u said ,even the great secrets of tantric work ,ie to save a person from the ill effects of black magic, is present. .but very crucial is that many people miss use it & makes it more commercial .its been known as lord narashimas left leg big toe holds this powerful vedha . so with the concern of people ,their life &security .so its been very limited taught .
A good person WILL never resort to black magic to eliminate his rival or enemy.

On the other hand a wicked person will do anything to destroy his enemy.

Even with the clandestine practice of the black magic, so many families suffer - especially in Kerala, where this kind of Maanthreegam is very popular!

The teaching of this through the veda paatasala will be similar to giving a brandished sharp sword to a drunken monkey which is also stung by honey bee and a scorpion!

Looking at the comments and information narrated by you,

I think it is very harmful to know such Vedas (Atharvanam). We do not know exactly what are all the pros & cons of this Veda.

This Apart, can any one tell me, this 4 Vedas are in book format or not???

one of my friend had told me that, Vedas should be practiced with well known GURU.

After learning these Vedas, ultimately what is the benefit we are going to get ???
all vedas are narrated ,formulated by our great rishis .each one or a group of sages will format it .the great VEDA YAVASAR(also known as one of the incarnation of lord maha vishnu) was pionner in this accept .it is known that sage KAUSHIGAR (source of information through jaya .tv morning arul naram) has stipulated it .mr.ashok ,its not harmful to know ,but feel happy that for all problems (what ever it may be finacial, marital ,issue less , to lessen or nullify one own karmic effect)there is a solution which is mentioned in our vedas(,esp atharvana veda) .its like you have sharp knife ,its multipurpose either you can cut fruits ,vegetables ,chop few things or you can harm some person ,its based on for what ,which ,why we use it &its purely ones own intention & will.sir its only prarabdha karma that makes you to know or come across or get affected by it (very elaborate s it .let us get more informations in this topic .)
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