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Are Indians Subservient to Authorities? — A culture genotype


Active member
Are Indians Subservient to Authorities?
This title assumes that we have done extensive basic research contacting several strata of Indians - age group, education level, urban/rural, male/female... and there no such thing is an average person who is subservient to authorities. We bribe and get the things done fast, that way we can gossip and watch TV etc. With poverty, bogus degree, aversion to real education, corruption etc., preclude asking such a question.
Also our replies depend on our opinion and again not based on any realistic unbiased statistics. One of the major reason neither we understand nor provide solution any problem in India. Thus, each individual based on his family dynamics and local politics have to choose his/her path. Thus, the notion of an "average" Indian does not exists. The US law will say any "reasonable person" will.. but no criteria or method to identify such a "reasonable " person exists and judges use arbitrary decisions. The same in almost all countries, except in Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden.." where you can expect the law and order is working well. Of course they used to be small and with homogeneous population. With illegal immigration and religious fanatics entering there, even those countries are not doing well.
Also, our constitution was framed following the British parliamentary system which is not even working in the UK. The forefathers were British trained and never try to learn from the US history where about 30 Masons (a group of scholars) secretly drafted the constitution which allowed intellectual and physical property rights. Even they did not believe that their pro genies will turn to be crooks. China, Russia, North Korea, many African countries where citizens have almost no rights.

So, compared to what large heterogeneous country like India, we are comparing Indians?

If any one argues, please provide valid statistics and suggest possible solutions that are practical and implementable so that all of us will be liberated and not become subservient to authorities, rather than saying this magazine survey, Wikipedia.. says etc., which are almost not to be totally trusted.


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You and all of us are aging which is a change we can not stop. If you think about your inner self, only you will notice it , rest will see as you appear to them. Inner self growth and maturity comes out as love for all.
1 Maleyan Polu worth.
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