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Are humans good or bad? Here’s the prognosis, according to psychology


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The theory underlying ayurveda is consistent and interconnected with those used to describe reality and all spheres of reality.

For example the metaphysics of reality was developed first. All the other theories including those of yoga, ayurveda derive from the theory about reality and nothing in the theories were ever changed because of observations. But that is not the case with science. Once you find an observation contradicting theory in physics you change the theory in physics and leave the theories in other spheres untouched. So all develop in a disjoint and inconsistent way only to very likely finally develop contradictions.

Ayurveda does not indeed provide cure for all problems but then ones life is supposed to be decided by karma and if has to endure sufferings because of a health problem, one cannot circumvent that. It is under those constraints ayurveda operates.
It is hard to have a focused discussion or debate if you cannot answer concerns about your logic while keeping making unsubstantiated statements again and again.

How do you know there are not contradictions in 'all those theories' ? Who told you that since you are unable to reference any scriptures? Which theory have you truly studied? Do you know Sanskrit and have studied the scriptures? Once again you will not answer any of these and talk about something else.

Astrology is evolving for example based on 'observations'

I have read in this forum itself that there are all kinds of beliefs and theories in Hinduism that there are still unsettled debates like reality of dualists and non-dualists.

So your assumptions are wrong since it is all coming out of your head.

If it is all Karma then there is no need to go for cure. The issue is not what happens to a patient but whether a formulation work. And they don't. I am sure (my assumptions) modern Ayurvada people are improving their medicines.

Let me leave you with this.

Honestly if I met someone who says disjointed things like you have done in a public forum I will ask them to seek help. This is not an insult but a true expression of concern.

Madam Renuka is best suited to deal with you. When you make seriously silly comments I will point out the issues of logic and absurdity for the benefit of others.


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Unable to edit the above to clean up the sentences. Oh well.
Besides cannot waste anymore time on this for previously stated reasons


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Why do you keep parroting statements? I think you can do better but severe prejudice is preventing you from doing so. Take a break, and think calmly and if possible work on your prejudices. It will help you in general as well.


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Statements like astrology is evolving based on observations and ayurveda is still improving only shows that spirituality is desperately sought to be encompassed within the scope of science. Why this bombastic and even laughable ambition? Science is still a shoddy and incipient form of indian spirituality which I dont deny will grow but scientists have to be very patient and not be too hasty to proclaim themselves as super intelligent and mighty and that science has given all the knowledge that one needs to know.

For god's sake why cant these people have the maturity to see the truth and focus on constructive things instead of trying to mudsling at spirituality at every opportunity and hence try to project a good image of science?