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Andh Bakths ~ Absolutely Shattered & Heart Broken !! LOL


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Andh Bakths ~ Absolutely Shattered & Heart Broken !!

Finally this had to happen, after so much of delusion and hallucination, the heart break and depression.

The Andh Bakths have been the most loyal, the most dedicated, the most unquestioning, they agreed, supported, cheered every good, bad and ugly move of this govt.

No questions ever asked, no thinking, no soya buddhi - never used their God given brains, they allowed the right groups to brainwash them, control them, and use them for any and all purposes.

Like slaves, they attacked and tried their best to maim and destroy the sickular, liberals, commies, lefties and succeeded in many parts of the world. They committed all and every sin, in their greater goal of minority destruction and establishing majoritariasm. Relentless was their motto.

Their faith was unshakeable, they loved them, cried for them, cheered them, and suffered every horrific attack from the terrible sickular liberals. And what a war they waged, with all their might, and finally they have been deceived by their own masters. And they are unable to accept this master deception. It became too much even for this motley group of Andh bakths.

They are simply unable to digest that the govt is not open about what's happening in Kashmir. The local media is tomm tomming how calm and serene the situation is but the international media is going hammer and tong about mass protests. They gave it all, but the govt is not even open about it with them. LOL

Andh bakth launched one final war against the international media, despite mass protests on Twitter, Facebook, social media, Indian organisations protesting in USA and UK, they are stoutly standing by their reporting. They have refused to take down the severely negative Kashmir reports.

Now these are highly reputed media organisations and have done yeoman reporting from highly volatile and warring regions, some for more than 100 yrs. They have enormous credibility and they are refusing to take down their reports. They are doubling down and standing by their reporting.

The Andh bakth has been hit by a wall of tsunami and doesn't know where to go now. He is unable to accept the masters deception that BBC is a Indian congres paid media. Even the Andh Bakths are unable to believe the "pushnikai Kathai" of congress is controlling BBC. His world of grandeur, great respect with foreign countries, his great expectation that whites will invite him to their homes and serve "virundu" has all collapsed, fallen apart. Such is the shell shock, the Andh bakth has now disappeared from the social media, and has retired hurt finally, leaving the space to the illiberals.

PS: I laughed 2 hr straight after penning this article, surprised how fast this govt and all the delusion has collapsed by their self goals. But cheer up Andh Bakths, we liberals, sickulars, commies, lefties, gifties, whatever, etc..were also shell shocked when the evm results came.

Anyways, Just be ready to jump into the nearest ship, boat, plane, bus, so you can scoot to other countries when the shit hits the fan !!

So long Andh bakth era, let's welcome the dawn of a new liberal world !! LOL.
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No personal attcks, abuses, name calling, etc. !!! This is satire, humour, sarcasm, so no need to get worked up and start attacking personally.

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