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Anandamrta Karshini - The rain song

Shree is the opulence of Universe, which is all its existences including living and non-living. The nourisher of all existences is mA bhavani, the goddess of existences.
mA bhavani provides the nectar of water nourishing all existences. In the puranic story, she enamors and attracts shiva who spits agni/fire, which she hides (guha) in ganges/waters to create her son Kartikeya.

As mA bhavani hides agni in waters giving birth to Kartikeya, evaporation of water leads to clouds which move to distant lands, rain down the nectar of water nourishing life across distant lands.

When muthuswamy diksitar visited drought afflicted ettaiyapuram, he invoked this act of mA bhavani who gave birth to her son to rain down the nectar of water all across lands and nourish life, with this song in raga amrtavarshini.

For all existences on Earth, though Shri provides the life, amRt that nourishes life is water provided through the water cycle by mA bhavani. Muthuswamy diksitar prays mA bhavani to rain her nectar down to save lives as she attracts Shiva, becomes the mother of guha, running that water cycle.

Anandamrta karshini translation sung in tamil essence in english

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