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Amavasai complete Manthram and சங்கல்பம்


Thanks. It will be more appreciatable if you could post PAKSHA MAHALAYA SANKALPAM AND COMPLETE MANTRAS well in advance


Ammavasai complete Manthram and சங்கல்பம்
Thank you, Sir.
Could you please tell me, What is the Sanskrit Name of,
1) Father's Mother's Father
2) Father's Mother's Mother
3) Mother's Mother's Father
4) Mother's Mother's Mother
5) Mother's Father's Sister
6) Mother's Sister
7) Kanni Deivam


Ammavasai complete Manthram and சங்கல்பம்
Thanks for posting. I am looking for HiranyaSrardham Manthram for Mother, Father .

Did anyone posted this in this forum?

Whoever has difficulty in downloading this, use win 7/10, click the doc and save it to computer as .pdf.

Use Adobe reader to view the doc. send me PM, I will see, whether I can help.
Ammavasai complete Manthram and சங்கல்பம்
Thank you very much for this.

Many members have requested this procedure in Sanskrit and English.
Also it is possible to make this procedure a 'personalised fillable' one.
ie, download the pdf, 'fill your 'pitru' and matru' varga names, save and print.

If you could send me the contents in Sanskrit in word form, I can convert it and make it a fillable form and share with all.


New member
Here's a .PDF of the amavasai tharpanam in English.To edit/fill it,one may download PDF editors available free online or even use Adobe acrobat's paid versions.The source of this document is :https://www.vadhyar.com/Amavasya Tharpanam Mantram English.pdf.
Disclaimer: I do not attest to the veracity of this document or its meaning.It was a mere Google search that led me to it.Everyone is welcome to perform similar searches as it suits them


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