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Admission to veda patasala

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We used to contribute to Mylapore Veda Adhyayana Sabha, which, it seems, comes under the patronage of Kanchi Mutt. It is situated at Pitchu Pillai Street, Off. Ponnambala Vadhyar St - near Kabali Temple main entrance.

I received the following SMS which I want to share with the members:


Mylapore Veda Adhyayana Sabha is pleased to announce that admissions are open for new students into our Veda Patasala. Gurukulam Format curriculum.

Accommodation and food will be provided.

Students also eligible for monthly stipend and their parents a monthly incentive, under the Veda Vidyarthis Development Scheme.

Interested parents to contact:

Sri Nandakumar Ganapadigal, Adhyapakar
Mobile: 9444466484


For information please.


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Gurukula system is residential in nature, where the shishyas (students) live in the houses of gurus and they learn and help their guru in day-to-day activities. Brahmin boys, after upanayana, (the initiating ritual in which boys are invested with a sacred thread that symbolise their maturity and transference of knowledge, usually at the age between 8 -10) are eligible for the course. Brahmins from other states of India, who are interested to learn Yajurveda in Kerala style are also admitted here.

Just for my knowledge.
Is this a requirement for Mylapore Veda Adhyayana Sabha.
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