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Aditya Hrdayam - Part 6.2 - Pancha Brahma Rudra

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The eleven rudras can be classified into those in which energy manifests and those in which mass manifests and those in which both energy and mass manifests.

Energy manifests in Electro-weak-strong force-field (VirupAksha/Isana Rudra), Strong force-field (Shambhu/Vamadeva), Electro-weak force-field (vilohita/Tatpurusha/Pinakin), Electromagnetic force-field (Pingala/SadyojAta/Revata) and Dark Energy scalar field (nirrti).

Mass manifests in Higgs field (Hara/Bhima), Dark Matter force-field (kapAli, aja, sahasraksha), Unified field of Higgs and Dark Matter (Ahirbudhnya/ Shankara).

Energy and mass manifests in Dirac-fermi field (Tryambaka/Bhava) and Weak force-field (nilalohita/aparajita).

A spatial dimension is bumped off by field that causes Quantum Entanglement (kapardin/kAla rudra).

These together make eleven rudras. Note that force-fields of Dark Matter, Unified Dark-matter and Higgs field, Quantum Entanglement, Dark energy scalar field are NOT part of standard model, as it exists today. This part is psuedo-science at this point.

Of these eleven we saw five rudras are color coded, in the last blog. They are Electro-weak-strong force-field (VirupAksha/White, iSAna/colorless), Electro-weak force-field (vilohita/Red), Weak force (nilalohita/purple), Electromagnetic force(pingala/yellow) and Strong force (shambhu/Cyan).

These five rudras that are color coded are described in Pancha Brahma Upanishad and Mantras.

Pancha Brahma Rudras

Hiranyagarbha is spacetime. Spacetime is the golden womb in which the Universal matter and beings grow. Brahma is expanded spacetime post cosmic inflation period.

The color coded Pancha rudras (five force-fields) in the Brahma (the expanded spacetime) give rise to life and death of matter/beings. Hence these five rudras or force-fields are exalted as the utmost important pancha rudras in the pancha brahma mantras.

The Pancha-Brahma mantras are in Taittiriya Aranyaka (X.17-21) of the Krsna Yajurveda. The tenth chapter is called the Mahanarayan Upanishad. Therefore, these mantras can also be said to belong to the Mahanarayana Upanishad.

The five rudras are

1. Sadyojata (Electromagentic)

2. Vamadeva (Strong Force)

3. Aghora (Weak force)

4. Tatpurusa (Electro-weak force) and

5. Isana (Electro-weak-strong force).

These five rudras or force-fields do the five functions in the Universe.

Pancha Krityas - Five acts

The five faces or forms of Shiva represent the five functions or acts (pancha krityas) – creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealing grace and revealing grace..

Creation of matter and life forms is done by Electromagnetic field. This is Sadyo-jAta. Electromagnetic field at high energy causes pair production of particles. Life and matter forms come out of this pair production. This pair production is called 'twasta'.

What sustains all matter forms is the ‘nucleus’ of atoms. Nucleus is formed by Strong force. This is sustenance. This is vAmadeva

All matter forms are decayed and dissolved by Weak force. This is dissolution. This is Aghora.

Tatpurusha is a compound of two different independent nouns. Life-giving Electromagnetic and decaying weak force are compounded into an Electro-weak force. This Electro-weak force conceals both Life and death giving force-fields in it. This is the ‘concealing’ grace talked about in Tat-purusha.

Isana is combination of Electromagnetic-weak-strong force field (Unified field). When these forces split up and interact with force-fields of matter (Dirac-fermi fields), it becomes the controller of all matter and life-forms. This is the ‘revealing’ grace.

Gayatri Mantra

‘Gayatri’ mantras have a particular format and repeat the same format for all divinities.

‘Vid’ is knowing or knowledge. Vidmahe is the great knowledge or some thing that is great to have knowledge of.

‘Dhi’ is ‘thought’. Dhimahi are great thoughts that discover great knowledge.

‘Coda’ is whip/goad that drives animals. Pracodayat is self-driving, self-inspiring.

We discover great knowledge (vidmahe) with great thoughts (dhimahi) that inspires ourself (pracodayat).

Knowledge is gross, sthula, the subject to be uncovered. Hence vidmahe. Thought is feminine, an internal property and hence dhimahi.

How do we uncover knowledge of great things..? With great thoughts that inspires us.

Hence the ‘mantras’ that sings (gaya) about these three, great knowledge, great thoughts and self-inspiring are called gayatri.

All Gayatri mantras talk about knowledge that has to be un-covered and tell us what we need to think about to discover that knowledge and what inspires us.

The case in point is Rudra-Gayatri which talks about uncovering the knowledge about TatPurusha, the Electro-weak force.

iSana - The Electro-weak-strong force-field

iSana is the combination of Electro-weak-strong force field.

This unified force-field splits into the three components over a period. These three force-fields interact with dirac-fermi fields (bhava Rudra or Tryambaka rudra which we will see later), originate matter and beings that evolve. These become the controller of all matter and beings in the Universe. That controller form is iSAna.

iSAna is colorless that remains after the force-field has split into three. But before splitting into three, isAna is white and is called virupaksha rudra.

Since Unified field is from which the Electro-weak, Weak, Strong, Electromagnetic force field descends, it is placed on top of the four force-fields (faces)..

The pancha brahma mantra for Isana is

īśāna sarvavidyānāmīśvaraḥ sarvabhūtānāṁ brahmādipati brahmaṇo'dhipatir

brahmā śivo me astu sa eva sadāśiva om

Isanam Sarva Vidhyanam

Isana is from which everything learns (is the knowledge of all other force-fields) (isanam sarva vidyanam). iSAna rudra (the Electromagnetic, strong, weak force) is the knowledge of all the matter and beings in the Universe. Only those that learn these (Electromagnetic, Strong, weak force) manifest as matter in the Universe.

Isvara Sarva Bhutanam

Isva are arrows. Isvara is the force-field of arrows that pierces all the matter. Isvara is the Weak force that decays all the matter (sarva bhutanam) in the Universe. Isana has the arrows (weak force) that pierces all the matter.

Brahma adipati - Brahmano adipati

Isana is the lord (adipati) of the expanded spacetime (brahma) and its expansion (brahman). Spacetime expands. The expansion of spacetime is lorded over by Isana.

In the Quitessence model, as kinetic energy of dark energy field moves more and more into EM, strong force and weak force-fields , potential energy of these fields increase, kinetic energy of dark energy field decreases, which creates a negative pressure that expands the space time. This described in my previous blog-posts.

Brahma sivo me astu

Isana (Electro-weak-strong force field) is how energy (siva) manifests (astu) in spacetime (brahma), he (sah) certainly (eva) is the one always in the form of energy (sadA-siva) in the AUM.

Tatpurusha (Electro-weak force field)

Tatpurusha (a compound of two indepenndent nouns) is a ‘compound’ of Electromagnetic and weak forces. It is the Electroweak force. Electro-weak force is vilohita and deep red in color.

The Electro-weak force has eight components. When it splits it becomes Electrical, Magnetic and Weak. These three acts on Quarks and Leptons. It also leads to Quarks and Leptons interacting with Higgs field. This Electro-weak breaking leads to eight different force-field interactions.

The pancha-brahma mantra for Tatpurusha
tatpuruṣāya vidmahe mahādevāya dhīmahi

tanno rudraḥ pracodayāt

Rudra Gayatri of Tat-Purusha

How do we uncover the knowledge about Tatpurusha, the Electro-weak force..?

The mantra says think about Mahadeva. Mahadeva is the Electromagnetic field. It is through thinking, analyzing and understanding mahadeva, the electromagnetic force (which is the visible/perceivable force unlike the weak force), that we can get to know about Tatpurusha the Electro-weak force.

It is absolutely true. This is how the world indeed propounded the Electro-weak force theory.

SadyojAta (Electromagnetic field)

Sadyo-jAta means that is just born. It is used to indicate a just born calf. The just born force-field is the Electromagnetic field in the Standard Model.

Pancha-brahma upanishad says Sadyojata represents Earth, Pusha (the sun), Lakshmi, Brahma, Trivritsvara (sound), Rig Veda, Garhapatya fire, the mantras which have seven notes, yellow color, and Kriyasakti.

Obviously Electromagnetic force-field in earth is Yellow in color (Pingala Rudra). It is the creative power (kriyasakthi). It is said to have seven notes (seven visible color bands). It is Pusha (the Heat). It is the cause of Lakshmi (the materials of the dirac-fermi field). It is the Garhapatya fire or the fire that cooks and nourishes beings.

The pancha-brahma mantra for SadyojAta

sadyojātaṁ prapadyāmi sadyojātāya vai namo namaḥ

bhave bhave nāti bhave bhavasva māṁ bhavodbhavāya namaḥ

Surrender to the just born force-field. Salutations to the just born force -field. Existence (birth) after existence (birth) not very much (na ati) existence (bhave) exists in itself (bhava-sva), I salute this who causes the evolution of this existence (bhava-udbhava).

The dirac-fermi field that produces Quarks, electrons and neutrinos is called ‘Bhava’ Rudra or ‘Tryambaka’. Bhava means coming into existence. The Universe comes into existence with Bhava Rudra or Dirac-fermi field that produces these quarks, electrons and neutrinos (and hence Tryambaka).

But this Bhava Rudra (dirac-fermi field) is brought to life by sadyojAta (Electromagnetic field). It is sadyojAta, the electromagnetic field, when it interacts with dirac-fermi field that produces charged particles. These charged particles are the basis of evolution of matter and beings. The bhava Rudra when it interacts with Electromagnetic field and keeps bringing up existence after existence.

When it does so, it is called ‘Bhava-Udbhava’ (bhavodbhava) as it keeps bringing existence after existence, evolving the existence, continuously.

We salute the Electromagnetic force-field, which causes the evolution of Bhava Rudra and makes it bhavod-bhava Rudra.

SadyojAta in Pancha Brahma Upanishad

The Upanishad starts with

“Next Pippalada asked Bhagavan ‘What is That which came to be born below all’? (kim Adhau ki jAtam iti) (He replied). Sadyojata”

Most translations translate ‘Kim Adhau jAtam iti’ as which was born at first. But that is not what pippalada is asking. He is asking ‘kim Adhau ki jAtam iti’. Which was born below all..?

Sadyo-jAta, the just born Electromagnetic field is born below all. It was born actually the last of all the force-fields.

-To be continued in part 2

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