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Aditya Hrdayam - Part 4.4 - Moving charges in Oscillating electromagnetic field

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Manas are the virtual particles. Atman is the extremely virtual one. Both are off-the-shell to varying extent. Manas is closer to real particles, while Atman is farther off virtual common to all the ‘Manas’.

There is no equivalence to ‘Atman’ in science today, except the fact that those that are virtual can be virtual at varying levels. The same, in my view, had transcended into philosophical domain, as people attempted to explain this vedic content.

In a philosophical domain it became that we have manas and Atma. Manas is the ‘implied’ or ‘virtual’ self that we infer to be present in us, seems guiding an individual’s actions and hence closer to us. Atma is also something that we infer to be present in us, but farther off from guiding our actions.

From Atman (Extremely virtual) to Manas (Virtual)

How does Manas the virtual come out of Atman (the extremely virtual)..? The Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 163 Verse 6 talks about it.

ÀtmÀnaM te manasÀrÀd ajÀnÀm avo divÀ patayantam pataMgam

ziro apazyam pathibhiH sugebhir areNubhir jehamÀnam patatri

Griffith’s translation is:

Thyself from far I recognized in spirit,--a Bird that from below flew through the heaven. I saw thy head still soaring, striving upward by paths unsoiled by dust, pleasant to travel. But I translate it in this way.

The Atma (AtmAnAm) accomplished (Arad) those (te) unrecognized (ajAnam) manas, birds (pataMgam) that flew (patayantam) off (avo) in the day/dawn (diva). Their top/peak (zira) is seen (apazyam) in the path (pathibhiH) well traversed (sugebhir) by these non-particles (areNu) as the birds/flies (patatri) exert upwards heavily/ extreme excitations (jehamAnam).

The Atma accomplishes the unrecognized/unborn manas like birds that fly off in the day/dawn. Birds are not visible in the night. Suddenly in the dawn they fly off from the tree and become visible. The birds exert upwards or excite heavily. Even when they excite heavily, only their peaks are seen.

When virtual particles exert excessively and reach their peaks, then their peaks are seen. As we saw in last post, Virtual particles have a higher probability of becoming 'real' if they survive for a longer duration with extreme excitations.

The 'manas' or virtual particles fly off from Atman like birds fly off from tree during day break. At the dawn of the Universe, the virtual particles move off from Extremely virtual (the Atman) when they are subject to extreme excitations or get exerted excessively upwards.

Manas (virtual particles) are areNu (non-particles). reNu are atomic dusts or very minute particles. Manas is areNu or not particles at all or virtual particles.

This verse says it is the Atman that establishes the manas with such extreme excitations.

From Manas (Virtual) to Nara (real mortal beings)

What does science say on how real particles could have evolved from virtual particles..? As I explained earlier Virtual particles are areNu or not particles at all. We don’t know what exactly they are. They are actually our understanding gaps. They may not exist at all if our theories improve.

To be clear, only in what is called ‘perturbative’ Quantum theory, they exist. But perturbation theory yields clear understanding of several phenomena. Hence we leave these virtual particles as they are.

So from whatever that existed how could real particles appear..?

From virtual photons to real photons

An example we can consider is the difference between Virtual photon and Real photon. Photons are said to be force-carriers of Electro-mangetic field. They don’t carry a charge. But they mediate the electro-magnetic force. An example of Electro-magnetic force is visible light.

There is said to be an Electromagnetic force field between Proton and an electron ( or between any positive and negative charges), which creates a force of attraction between them.

This can be ‘viewed’ as flood of virtual photons being exchanged between the positive and negative charges. The flood of virtual photons in this Electromagnetic force field is virtual. It is our modelling or a way of describing. It is the ‘Manas’.

How does the Proton acquire positive charge and electron the negative charge..?

Protons couple to the Electromagnetic force field and acquire a positive charge. We can say they pierced the flood of virtual photons of the Electromagnetic force field and coupled with them. Similarly Electrons also can said to be piercing flood of virtual photons in the Electromagnetic force field and coupled with them.

Because of their coupling with Electromagnetic force field in the above way, the proton and electron acquire what is called Electromagnetic Four Potential between them. This electromagnetic four potential is a measure of the force between the proton and electron due to their coupling to the electromagnetic force field.

The potential force of attraction between the proton and electron is called Electromagnetic four potential because it has one component as electric scalar potential and other three components as magnetic vector potential. These potentials are the ‘drivers’ of the force of attraction between them.

Now a Proton or electron, which has coupled to Electromagnetic force-field can acquire energy from one of the six energy mechanisms (Skanda). When they acquire energy they can emit a ‘real’ photon or light at various frequencies depending on their energy level.

The Photon that they emit is ‘real’ as it travels across and mediates between the electromagnetic force-field and its surrounding space. For eg. real photons emitted by sun reach earth as sunlight.

Thus when particles couple to electromagnetic force field, acquire electromagnetic four potential, they are said to pierce the flood of virtual photons. When such particles get excited, they release ‘real’ photons which travel at the highest speeds possible, carrying away the energy and establish the electromagnetic force field around them.

Another way of describing the above is when point-charges move up and down in an oscillating electromagnetic field, they are said to pierce the flood of virtual photons. Then real photons are emitted or virtual photons become real photons. Such real photons are the drivers of evolution of matter and beings. They establish the ‘Nara’ or mortal beings with ‘Manas’.

The above is beautifully explained in Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 182.

Bhujyu and Tugra - Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 182

Tu-gra means ‘Strongly (tu) capturing/seizing (gra)”. Aurobindo translates tugra as ‘Forcefully hastening’. A slightly related word ‘TuGga’ (Tunga) means peak. I translate Tugra as the ‘‘forcefully seized points’ or ‘High Intensity points’ that could be a peak. Thus Tugras are high intensity points of Asvins (or Electromagnetic field) or 'charges' mediated by photons in electromagnetic field.

Bhujyu means that ‘bent down’ or ‘curved’ or ‘easily guided’ or ‘suppressed’. Bhujyu are said to be descendants of Tugra. I translate Bhujyu as other non-intense, suppressed points of Asvins (Electromagnetic field).

In short, the tugra/bhujyu are 'point-charges' mediated by the electromagnetic field. The Apa or photons of the Electromagnetic field does not have any charge. But the photons mediate the point charges across the electromagnetic field filled with virtual photons.

The point charges (bhuyu of Tugra) are carried across in four ships (electromagnetic four potential), like a bird that carries insects or worms inadvertently in its wings in four ships across the manas of ‘apa’. The virtual photons which is the manas or the bird that flies does not acquire any charge. But it mediates the charges. This is described as a bird carrying another animal/insect in its wings.

The high intensity points of Electromagnetic field move across the ‘virtual’ flood of photons in electromagnetic four potential. Like a bird that carries insects in wings inadvertently, the high intensity points of the electromagnetic field flow across in the flood of virtual photons of electromagnetic field.

When such high intensity points move across, they produce ‘real’ or ‘nara’ nAsatyas, which are the electromagnetic field that are produced by flowing photons.

Science says when a point-charge (bhujyu or Taugrya) is accelerated up and down, the virtual photon manifests as a real photon with an oscillating electromagnetic field in the plane perpendicular to oscillation.

These 'real' photons then leads to production of matter (splits into quark/anti-quark pairs) in the ‘cup’ of ‘Soma’ or strong force.

The story described here as asvin carrying the tugras across the flood of Apa is the story of electromagnetic field filled with virtual photons mediating point charges, though the photons themselves do not possess any charge.

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 182 verse 05a

yuvam etaM cakrathuH sindhuSu plavam Àtmanvantam pakSiNaM taugryÀya kam

These two (asvins, Yuvam) repeated (repeatedly produced) (cakratuH) the flood of drops (sindhuSa plavam), the birds (pakshinAm) filled with Atma(Atmavantam), unto the taugryAs (taugryaya kam).

These two (asvins, Yuvam) repeated (repeatedly produced) (cakratuH) (sindhuSa plavam) the drops of flood, birds filled with Atma, for the Tugras. The birds filled with Atma are Manas the virtual particles, as we saw in the last sloka. Asvins repeatedly produced the virtual particles, which the descendants of Tugra (point charges) could use.

This is same as Griffith’s translation:

Ye made for Tugra's son amid the water-floods that animated ship with wings to fly withal,

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 182 verse 05b

yena devatrÀ manasÀ nirÂhathuH supaptanÁ petathuH kSodaso mahaH

As it were (yena) the matter (deva) there (atra) unfastened/unstruck (nirAhata) with manas/virtual particles, swift flight (supaptanA) falls down (petathuH) the great shattering (ksodaso mahaH).

If ‘Manas’ or virtual particles are not fastened/fixed within the ‘matter’, it greatly shatters into pieces in that great shattering floods. The previous line talked about the ‘Birds’. The next line talks about ‘Manas’. The reason is the ‘birds’ filled with Atma are the ‘Manas’.

This Manas has to be fastened to matter, if matter has to survive. If matter is not fastened with Manas, then those are shattered to pieces. Of-course science also does say that Virtual particles bind the real matter be it the Quarks bound into mesons and baryons or Nucleons bound into nucleus.

Everything in this Universe that is stable has to have ‘Manas’, the Virtual.

This is similar to Griffith’s translation:
Whereon with God-devoted mind ye brought him forth, and fled with easy flight from out the mighty surge.

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 182 verse 06

avaviddhaM taugryam apsv antar anÀrambhaNe tamasi praviddham

catasro nÀvo jaThalasya juSTÀ ud azvibhyÀm iSitÀH pÀrayanti

The Taugryas dive (avaviddham) inside (antar) the Apa. They pierce (praviddham) the intangible (anArmbhaNe). Thus the Tuagryas ‘couple’ with the Apa. Taugryas excited (iSitAh) by the four sails (catasro nAvo) of the Asvins (azvibhyAm) that reside (juSTa) in its cavities (jaThalasya), move across (pArayanti).

The Taugryas couple to the Apa, piercing into in the intangible. Tuagryas are excited by the four sails that reside in Asvin’s cavities and they move across.

This is same as Griffith’s translation:

Him who was cast down headlong in the waters, plunged in the thick inevitable darkness. Four ships most welcome in the midst of ocean, urged by the Asvins, save the son of Tugra.

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 182 verse 07

kaH svid vRkSo niSThito madhye arNaso yaM taugryo nÀdhitaH paryazasvajat

parNÀ mRgasya pataror ivÀrabha ud azvinÀ UhathuH ZromatÀya kam

What was that (kaH svid) tree/that rooted up (vrkSa) that stood fixed (niSThito) in midst (madhye) of the floods (arNaso)..? which did not place the Taugrya throwing out as not of its own..? Like animal clinging to feather of a bird, who gets struck to asvin (coupled to asvin) becomes ‘heard’.

What was that tree/that rooted up that stood fixed in midst of the floods, which did not place the Taugrya as its own throwing out as not of its own..? Like animal clinging to feather of a bird, who gets struck to asvin (coupled to asvin) becomes ‘heard’.

Taugryas are charges. The asvins, the electromagnetic field mediates them or takes them across like an animal or insect carried by bird. This is a beautiful analogy to demonstrate how photons mediate charges without having charge themselves.

What is the tree mentioned here..? The tree is Atman, the Extremely virtual. The birds that fly out of it at the dawn of the Universe are ‘Manas’, the virtual particles.

Taugryas (charges) pierce the asvins that establish a flood of virtual particles, there they are excited by four ships/sails in the four cavities and move across. Like an animal carried in the wings of birds, whatever that gets fixed to virtual particles produced by asvins becomes ‘heard’.

Unless charges couple with Electro-magnetic force-field, acquire EM potential, they cannot be ‘heard’.

This is similar to Griffith’s translation

What tree was that which stood fixed in surrounding sea to which the son of Tugra supplicating clung?
Like twigs, of which some winged creature may take hold, ye, Asvins, bore him off safely to your renown.

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 182 verse 08

tad vÀM narÀ nÀsatyÀv anu SyÀd yad vÀm mÀnÀsa ucatham avocan

asmÀd adya sadasaH somyÀd À vidyÀmeSaM vRjanaM jiradÀnum

That (tad) you both (vAm) mortal being’s (narA) nAsatyas then perhaps (anu syAt), whose/which/whom are loftily spoken (ucatham avocan) by Manas/virtual particles, in our (asmAd) gathering (sadasaH) of Soma (somyAd) now (adhya), settle down (vRjanam) the abundant drops (jiradAnum) of all these learnings (eSam vidyAm).

That you both then perhaps the mortal being’s nAsatyas, whose/which/whom are loftily spoken by Manas/virtual particles, in our gathering of Soma, settle down the abundant drops of all these learnings.

When Taugryas (charges) couple with the virtual photons mediating the Electromagnetic force field, they acquire electromagnetic four potential and hence charge. By this coupling to Asvins, they become ‘renowned’ or ‘heard’.

Asvins become the nAsatyas when photons flow out and produce electromagnetic field around them. The Electro-magnetic force-field propagated by real photons are ‘Nasatyas’ and ‘Dasrau’. More about them later.

With charges are mediated by neutral virtual photons in electromagnetic force-field, they give rise to real photons. Such real photons not only flow across but also split into matter/anti-matter and when they are drunk with soma (strong force) they lead to production of various kinds of matter.

This is similar to Griffith’s translation
Welcome to you be this the hymn of praises uttered by Manas, O Nasatyas, Heroes,
From this our gathering where we offer Soma. May we find strengthening food in full abundance.

Next to come
More about Atma and Manas from Rg Veda..

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