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Aditya Hrdayam - 4.8.2 - Hayagriva -Matsya-Higgs mechanism

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Continued from previous post here

The 12 flavors of Quarks and leptons

But quarks and leptons get divided into 12 parts or 12 flavors (2 * 6) based on how well they couple with Higgs field. The Higgs Boson or Vasudeva is said t reside in them in 12 different ways or flavors. Six flavors of quark appear as vasudeva resides in six different ways. Six flavors of leptons appear as vasudeva resides in them also in six different ways. Thus the quarks and leptons are said to be broken into 12 pieces or flavors (2*6). These 12 pieces of quarks and leptons form all the land or soil or earth of this Universe.

Since the quarks and leptons get their flavor from Electro-weak symmetry breaking as Higgs Boson separated, they are called ‘Medini’. Medini means enriched with ‘mass’ or ‘fat’.

Of the 6 flavors of Quarks, the Top-Quark has the highest mass as it couples with Higgs Boson mostly. This Top Quark is the Adi-Sesha on which the Vasu-deva or Higgs Boson is said to reside mostly or more strongly.

Standard model describes the above process of Hayagriva defeating Hayagriva or vishnu defeating madhu-kaitabha as electro-weak symmetry breaking caused by Higgs field acquiring a Vacuum expectation value lead to separation of Electromagnetic force, weak force and Higgs Boson (which gives mass to quarks and leptons through Yukawa coupling).

The Puranic Hayagriva vs Matsya story

Bhagavata Purana also talks of Matysa the great ‘Fish’ with human head and body of fish which manifests during a great deluge or flood.

When Brahma yawns at night, the demon Hayagriva steals the vedas from Brahma’s mouth. The Universe cannot further procreate or evolve as Brahma loses of the knowledge of evolution.

Satyavrta or Vaivasvata Manu, a king of ‘Dravida’ country saves a fish which in turn talks of a flood that will envelope the Universe. The fish which grows ever advises king satyavrta to make a large ship and save himself and the sapta rishis.

The fish volunteers to ‘couple’ with boat and tow the boat to safety during the floods. The King does the same by coupling the boat to horn of the fish and reaches land. The fish fights the demon Hayagriva and rescues the Vedas.

The evolution of Universe proceeds again once Matsya Fish has slayed the demon Hyagriva.

The Real Matsya versus Hayagriva story

The real Matsya in this story is the four component Higgs field (H+, H-, H0, h). The ‘h’ which is the Higgs Boson is the Vasudeva the head of Higgs field, pictured as human head. The other three H+, H-, H0 are the body of the fish.

Another way to picturise this foru component Higgs field is the Higgs Boson component (h), the vasudeva as a ‘Horn’ jutting out of the body of the fish (H+, H-, H0). Thus the Higgs field is an ‘Eka-Shringa’ or ‘One-Horned’.

Post the Inflation epoch Universe was filled with massless particles of all types. It was deluged or flooded. The evolution could not proceed as Hiranyagarbha the spacetime has lost the evolutionary knowledge with all particles being massless.

The ‘Matsya’ or fish that existed at that time was the Higgs field with Vasudeva as its Horn. This Higgs field was a huge Matsya or fish that existed all across the flood.

In the flood were the Hayagriva the W1, W2, W3 bosons with horse-headed Hypercharge X.

This matysa or four component higgs field fought with Hayagriva or Weak bosons as in the story described here, slayed the demon, gave mass to weak bosons limiting their interaction distances and weak, separates the weak and electromagnetic field.

The ‘Horn’ of the fish, the Higgs Boson, the vasudeva, couples with quarks and electrons, gives them mass and ensures they are safely towed across the flood of massless particles.

Once it is done, the Universal evolution started again or Brahma got back the Vedas.

Maha-Vishnu - The Catur vyUha

Maha Vishnu, the catur Atma is the four component Higgs with H+, H-, H0 and h. The Higgs field couples with particles in four ways.

They are

  1. Does not couple / Only Self-coupling
  2. Couples strongly
  3. Couples weakly
  4. Couples oscillatingly

Pradyumna means that existed before in the dyu-loka. In Dyu-loka the Higgs field did not condense and hence did not couple with particles at all. Pradyumna is where the higgs field does not couple with particles or does only self-coupling.

Aniruddha means unstoppable. Where the higgs field entering the particle cannot be stopped and couples strongly, the particles possess huge mass. W and Z bosons, first generation quarks like Top Quarks and Taons couple in this way with Higgs.

Samkarshana means oscillating or moving to and fro. Where the higgs field enters the particle but moves out, the mass of the particle oscillates. Nuetrinos couple with Higgs in this way.

Vasudeva mean one which resides or even floats (on a particle). Where the higgs field resides lightly or couples lightly with particles resulting in light mass, it is caused by vasudeva. The third generation quarks and leptons couple with Higgs in this way.

Catur Vyuha means the the four ways in which something is divided. vyUh means dividing, vyUha means divisions. Catur Vyuha means four divisions.

The four divisions that exist post the Higgs condensation are the Vasudeva (light coupling of Higgs boson), Samkarshana (oscillatory coupling of Z bosons), Aniruddha (strong coupling of W+, W- bosons) and Pradyumna (no coupling or self-coupling).

Mahavishnu - Catur damshtra, Catur bhujah

Catur damshtrah means the four toothed. The four divisioned Higgs bites into particles in four different ways. Hence it is said to have four tooth.

Catur bhujah means the four sided, the one that exists in four dimensions of spacetime.

The stanza in Vishnu Sahasranama ‘Catur Atma Catur Vyuha Catur damshtra Catur bhujah’ means “The four soul (that assumes) four divisions (that bites with) four teeth (on) four sides. The Higgs field becomes divided into four and bites the particle on four sides.

Vishnu Sahasra nAma also says “Catur Murti Catur bahuh Catur Vyuhah Catur gatih”.

Catur Murti means four physical forms. The four physical forms are the massive Weak bosons, Higgs boson, Quarks and leptons.

Catur bAhuh means four armed. The above four physical forms become the four arms.

Catur vyuahh means four divisions. These four arms are the four divisions

Catur gatii means four velocity. The bosonic fields indeed exhibit four velocity, four momentum in four dimensional spacetime.

Thus it means “The four physical forms, that are the four arms, which are the four divisions have four velocity”

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