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Aadi Puram

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Aadi Puram

August 16, 2015 Aadi Pooram


Aadi Pooram is one the major festival celebrated in every Vaishnavite temples. It falls on the Aadi month , the fourth month of the Tamil calender , and on the Pooram star . This day is considered as Goddess Andal's Birthday , and it is also believed that Andal is the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi. Andal is one among the 12 Alwars , and she is a great poetess , who is well known for her works which include Thiruppavai and Nachiar Thirumozhi . Andal and all other alwars are the most famous devotees of Lord Vishnu.

Legend has it that Vishnu Chitha (called as Periazhwar) was a sincere devotee of Lord Ranganatha of Srivilliputhur. He was childless for a very long time. His prayers were answered and on Aadi Pooram day, when the devotee was collecting flowers for his puja in his garden, he found a girl child. The child was named Kothai who grew up with devotion to Lord.
Everyday, Vishnu Chitha made a garland of Thulasi leaves to offer to the deity at the temple. Kothai used to wear that before offering to the Lord.

One day, the devotee happened to see her wearing this garland and so he replaced with another one. However, the Lord refused to accept the new one and said that He would only wear the garland worn by Kothai. Vishnu Chitha realized that his daughter is Goddess Maha Lakshmi herself. Andal then came to be known as Choodi Kodutha Sudarkodi, meaning ‘garland offered after being worn’.

The Aadi Pooram ten-day festival is celebrated in all Lord Vishnu Temples in Tamil Nadu.

Aadi Pooram festival is most famous in Srivilliputhur Andal Koil in Srivilliputhur, the birthplace of Andal, Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple at Chennai and at the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam.

The 10th day is celebrated as Aadi Pooram day where Thirukalyanam (divine marriage of the God and the Goddess) is conducted. Special pujas are also conducted on this day. It is believed that if unmarried girls worship Goddess Andal on the 10th day of Adi Pooram festvial, they will get married soon.

In the Saiva temples, this day is celebrated as the Valaikappu festival for Ambal, when glass bangles are offered to Ambal & then distributed to the devotees. These bangles are said to provide offsprings and generally protect us from all evils. (Valaikaappu is a festival when a pregnant woman wears glass bangles, the sound of which is said to protect her and the child from evil forces).





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Well I am there on Monday then to Sankaran Koil Tenkasi Tirunelveli and Back by week end!

Garuda accorded special status here


If Gods can tie the knot in the month of Adi why not Mortals?

Although in this folder, normally no discussion is allowed because some members may start abusing the Puja Rituals, etc in the name of discussion

The word aadi is originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Aashadi’. This month is considered as the most auspicious month for worshiping gods and goddesses. So this month is full of temple festivals. It is believed that goddess Pachai Amman known as goddess of marriage, establishes peace and harmony in the world.
AadiKarthigai, AadiPooram, AadiPeruku, AadiAmavasai are some important festivals of Aadi month.

AadiKarthigai is a festival dedicated to Lord Muruga. Special pujas are performed to please Lord Muruga. Kavadis are also offered to Lord Muruga.

AadiPooram is celebrated on the day of PuramNakshatram. It is also celebrated as AndalJeyanthi, birthday of AndalAmmal. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, SrivilliputturAndal Temple, Melmaruvathur Aadhiparashakthi Temple .

AadiPeruku is very important festival in Tamilnadu which is celebrated in eighteenth day of Aadimonth. This festival is celebrated by the women in cauvery delta region to honour nature. They exchange delicious fried rice. It marks the beginning of cultivation on the banks of cauvery river. This festival is celebrated with extreme importance in Tamilnadu especially in Sri Ranganadhaswamy Temple, Srirangam. AadiAmavasai is a No Moon day in Aadi month and this day is dedicated to forefathers and ancestors. Special pujas are offered to them by Tamil people.

In spite of all these festivals, Aadi is considered as inauspicious month for good things like marriages, shifting new houses and buying new clothes. There is a saying that newly married couples should not stay together and mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should not stay in the same house.

We are living in a scientific world and contributing a lot in Science. But before 2000 years, its completely different. Aadi month is naturally a windy season. There will be no harvest and hence no money. In those days, auspicious events use to take place in open space. Blowing wind may disturb and moreover people wont have money to perform auspicious events like marriages. So they decided not to do anything in Aadi. The same practice is still followed even in urban areas considering this month as ‘inauspicious’ without knowing the truth.

These were other reasons(beliefs) given by some people:

During Ashadam the gods goes to sleep according to Uttharayana and Dhakshinayana theory, so since they are not in active mood, the marriage may not be blessed by gods.

Gods never go to sleep or inactive anytime, hence this reason is obviously not acceptable

If newly married people stay together in this month, childbirth may take place during summer causing health problems to both mother and child.

I think the first reason is funny and taking the second reason, we have many medical facilities in urban areas and people can handle it. The infrastructure now is better than in older days so there will be no problem. People doing agriculture consider this month as inauspicious as they are not economically strong.

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