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Aadhi Sankarar's Subrahmanya Bhujangam

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i just now joined this tamil brahmins group ....i belong to Tanjore dist and atpresent myself and my husband are with my son at sydney....hope to interact and to know all the msg in the thread on aregular basis......bye.....rgds......
Sri Subramanya bhujangam


This is a master piece loaded with philosophical meaning set
in bhujanga metre and its recitation moves like the meandering
serpentine movement. Sri Thethiyur Subramania sastrigal has
written a commentary on it in tamil.

Another classical piece on Lord Subramanya is sri Muthuswami
Dikshithar's ' Sri Subramanyaya namaste ' in raga kambhoji. Kanchi
Maha Periyavaal has given an exhaustive commentary on it, which
first appeared in ' Kalki ' deepavali malar and later in 'Deivathin
kural' vol 7.

i just now joined this tamil brahmins group ....i belong to Tanjore dist and atpresent myself and my husband are with my son at sydney....hope to interact and to know all the msg in the thread on aregular basis......bye.....rgds......

Welcome Revathi Rajaram ji,

We are missing people from Australia & Newzealand sector and it is good thing that you have joined our forum. I am sure lot of our community members are settled in Australia.

Recently we are getting lot of bad news about racial discrimination of Indians in Australia. Please enlighten us about the ground reality since we cannot believe the news appearing in the media fully.

How is the opportunity for our youngsters in Australia and Newzealand for migration

All the best
dear venkataramani ji,

i do not see any recual discrimination activity etc., in around Sydney...i think it looks to me that our medias are slightly exazerating the scene....i do not either see or heard of anything in Sydney area.... As you have mentioned that here lot of Indians are settled and lot of activities are going on a regular basis....if we are interested we can attend all of them on a regular basis....here one Indian Welfare Association is formed and they keep conducting regular meetings,arrange some tours,organize some classes and speeches, Library with all indian regular monthly/weekly mazagines, with lot of Tamil books for circulation etc., We are getting sweets etc.,for deepavali from Adyar Ananda Bhavan....next week Dance Dhananjayan and his party are going to give some performance here...
.Whenever we come we stay here for one year and back to India...This is our third trip...

on a regular basis here everysunday Surya namaskaram,Every Pradhosham pooja in the evening and Pournami pooja etc., lot of people are performing and we get invitation from them and when we go they host dinner if it in the evening or Lunch in the morning....we have Siva and Vishnu Temple where continuous programmes are there.

i could see lot indian are coming now a days and settling here....lot of Indian stores and restaurents etc., are available in all the locality.....

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Sri Subramanya bhujangam

Dear Administrators,

The two posts appearing herein regarding treatment of Indians in
Australia may kindly be moved to a seperate topic since the
contents have nothing to do with Sri Subramanya bhujangam.
Shri Ranganathan ji,

Thank you for your posting, after listening to the website referred. 'Naan Dhanyan aanaen' 'PaNbum payanum adhu' are the expressions, which come to my mind.

With regard to prompting admin. about grouping, your point deserves compliance, pls.
Subramanya Bhujangam

In sri.Subramanya Bhujangam,--Aadhi sr.Sankara Acharya Swami,talks about "Panneer Elai vibhuthi".

"Apasmaara,Kushta,Kshya,Arsha,Premeha,Jwaronmaadhi,Gunmam Rogaa Mahaanthaha,Pisaasaas cha sarvay--Bhavath PATRA BHOODHIM-Vilokya kshanaa,
Taarakaaray Dravanthay."

Hey!(Jayanthapuri=Tiruchendur)Subramnaya swamai!!Who slain Taarakaa asura--Apasmaaram(Epilepsy)--Kushtam=Skin disorders--Kshyam=Consumption(T.B.)-Arsham=rectal disorders(piles/fistula-in-ano--fissure)--Prameham=20 Urinary disorders--Jwaram=fever--Unmaadham=mental disorders,--Gunmam=phantum tumours--Pisaasammm=possessions--Cha=and---all will be cured by--Bhavat=Hey! Bhagavan!! by your--Patra bhoodhim=panneer Elai(leaf) enclosed Vibhuthi

Elai vibhuthi used to be given till around 1995,-has been stopped now---during my current visit in-August 2009-I do not know the reasons!!!!.--
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