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A doubt to ask

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Dear Friends,
I would like to know whether we can download or upload only religious books. I have 100s of very good tamil historical novels out of which some are related to our religion. If you permit me and tell me how to upload those books, I would be very much pleased to give you those books.

Thank you,



Life is a dream
Staff member
As long as there are no issues with copyright, you can upload them.

The downloads section that you see on the top might be phased out soon. So, please create one thread and upload them as attachments by posting multiple replies to the same thread.

The main thread can be as an index of all the books.

If you have trouble doing this, please email me at admin @ tamilbrahmins.com with the book details.
I can then do it for you.

Dear Mr. Praveen.

On behalf of members I congratulate our Leade Mr. Praveen forbid Positive response & also volunteering to get it done himself.
Dear Mr. Radha Murali, please join with him & proceed. And give us the GOOD news of starting by April 2025.

Raji Ram

Well-known member
.......... Dear Mr. Radha Murali, please join with him & proceed. ..........
FYI, this is the first post of Smt. Radha Murali, Rishi Sir!

Dear Friends, I am Mrs. radhamurali. I am working as academic coordinator for an international school at Bangalore. I have 27 yrs. of experience in teaching. I have translated a portion of Srimad Bhagavatham from English to Tamil for ISKCON. I have also written simple meanings for Thirukural which was published by Giri Trading Agency, Chennai. I am very much interested in music, dance, drama, reading, religion, etc. Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself.

Not open for further replies.