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52 Indian asylum seekers among detainees under Trump's zero-tolerance policy


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More than 50 individuals from India, some of them possibly separated from their children, are reportedly incarcerated at a federal prison in Oregan under the Trump administration’s tough ''zero-tolerance'' policy against illegal immigration, an Asia-Pacific activist organization said on Tuesday.

Over the last month, 123 immigrants seeking asylum have been detained and transferred to Oregon’s Sheridan federal prison in Yamhill County, the Asia-Pacific
American Network of Oregan said, revealing that the majority of the 123 people in the Sheridan prison are South Asian, who speak primarily Hindi and Punjabi, and a few identified as Chinese. These detainees are isolated, have limited access to interpretation, and are at-risk of abuse in their current prison housing arrangement, the organization warned.

The organization indicated that the detention involved separating children from parents but did not say how many were affected.

''2,000 kids have been separated from their families, some for 2 months. This is the definition of cruel and unusual,'' said Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner-Elect for Multnomah County, referring to the national crisis. ''This policy of family separation needs to end now; and in the meantime, all detainees deserve legal representation and fair treatment, starting with transparency about their children’s whereabouts and humane detention conditions.''

The detention of Indian immigrants seldom catches national attention since most of the focus is on Latino/Hispanic immigration. But the Oregon episode came to light after four members of Oregon's congressional delegation, all Democrats, went to the Sheridan facility and emerged angry and emotional Saturday after touring the detention center.

Of the 123 people now in Sheridan, the Oregonian said the most populous nationality is not Honduran or Guatemalan, it is East Indian. Fifty-two listed India as their home country. Several identified themselves as Sikhs or Christians fleeing religious persecution from the Hindu majority.


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