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50 Lakh Lost Jobs Over 2 Years, Trend Began Just After Notes Ban: Report


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Fifty lakh men lost their jobs in the past two years beginning November 2016, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an overnight ban on high value currency, according to a new report. The timing of the start of the decline in jobs coincides with demonetisation but no "causal link" can be established based on the available data, says the "State of Working India 2019", released Tuesday by the Centre for Sustainable Employment, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru.

The job losses are higher when women are taken into account.

"Whether or not this decline was caused by demonetisation, it is definitely a cause for concern and calls for urgent policy intervention," the report says.

It assesses that unemployment, in general, has risen steadily post 2011 and the higher educated and the young are vastly over-represented among the unemployed.

In addition to open employment among the educated, the less educated have seen job losses and reduced work opportunities over this time period. The numbers, says the report, clearly demonstrate why unemployment has emerged as the primary economic issue in the election.

A government report leaked earlier this year had said the country's unemployment rate rose to a 45-year high in 2017-18.

The National Sample Survey Office's Periodic Labour Force Survey, conducted between July 2017-June 2018, showed the unemployment rate at 6.1 percent, the highest since 1972-73. The report was withheld by the government but accessed by the Business Standard newspaper.

But NITI Aayog vice chairman Rajiv Kumar said the report was "not verified" and the "veracity of the data is not known".

The latest report says the decline in the labour force participation rate (LFPR) and workforce participation rate (WPR) has largely been driven by less-educated men in both urban and rural areas.
"Clearly, there is a large differential impact by level of education. This is consistent with the idea that the informal sector, where we can expect the share of less educated men to be higher, was hit hardest by demonetisation as well as the introduction of GST."

The report says joblessness is not only a problem limited to the educated sections of the labour force. "While open unemployment may still be low among the less educated, there has been a marked tendency to drop out of the labour force for this section, presumably due to loss of work opportunities," it says.



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My view, this no is far less than the real impact.

The construction industry alone employed over 3.5 crores people both formal and informal. This industry is almost standstill for the last 2 yrs with no sign of recovery.

Similarly if you look at textile, small and medium traders, and other ares, the num of jobs impact will run into crores.

And this is what most people don't realise...as the govt cleverly stopped all reports and in many cases data gathering itself !!!


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Apart from Jobs look at what happened to the DeMo experiment .The amount of cash being caught in Tamil Nadu makes you wonder: whatever happened to the DeMo crackdown? Or is simply pink the new black? Cash is well and truly back!


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It is surprising how people are carried away by the FAKE NEWS Of NDTV and unverified Data of some fake institution
Let's analyse this often quoted point of fake news.

So accordingly to right wing supporters in india and USA, NDTV, CNN, BBC etc.. routinely publish fake news.

1. Is the NSSO report leaked to media and published by NDTV fake news ? Oh, the nsso report is wrong !! Lol.
2. Gau rakshaks and riots highlighted by ndtv fake news ?
3. Rafale documents published by N Ram Hindu fake news ?
4. All opinion polls by multiple media outlets, showing unemployment #1 issue with over 42%, 62%, 72% saying so, is fake news ?
5. CNN saying Trump should be impeached after mueller report is fake news ?? Or a logical opinion from the number of obstructions listed by mueller ?
5. This unemployment report by Azim Premji centre for sustainable employment is now fake news ?

So we now question Azim Prmemji like many are questioning N Ram as they have come up with reports showing the govt in the negative ?

On and on..

In short, my question to the right wing supporter to ponder is - how do you decide which of these reports are fake news ??


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Someone commented earlier, al farmer protests were paid for by the oppositon and hence are fake protests !! LOL.


New member
I sympatise with Jaykay767. I can reply to all his points. But I refrain as it is Tamil Brahmins forum. I wish this forum stick to braminical matters only especially not Filthy Political discourse.


Well-known member
I sympatise with Jaykay767. I can reply to all his points. But I refrain as it is Tamil Brahmins forum. I wish this forum stick to braminical matters only especially not Filthy Political discourse.
Please Read Praveenji's post here:

Sorry, I could not ignore this attack on the site.
Sir, you joined this site on Aug 25, 2018. You have a total of 3 posts.
Would you say that you have posted anything of substance to the cause?
Do you know the mission of the site, the vision of the founder of the site, or his goals?
What are Brahminical Matters only?

Chinmaya Mission Pledge goes to say:

"We believe that the service of our country

Is the service of the Lord of lords

And devotion to the people

Is the devotion to the Supreme Self.

We know our responsibilities

Give us the ability and courage to fulfill them."

We believe that we are serving the cause of the site.

If you have something to say please say it without disparaging the site, its moderator, and its members. Please share your knowledge.
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