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பேசுவது மானம், இடை பேணுவது காமம், கூசுவது &#2

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பேசுவது மானம், இடை பேணுவது காமம், கூசுவது &#2

கம்பனின் கும்பகர்ணன்:
பேசுவது மானம், இடை பேணுவது காமம்,
கூசுவது மானிடரை
நன்று நம் கொற்றம்

Scholar paints flattering picture of Kumbakarnan

Chennai: When noted Tamil scholar Ilandhai Ramasamy presented a lecture on Kumbakarnan, a remarkable character of Ramayana, at Vivekanandar Illam recently, he changed the audience’s perception of the Asura.

He made Kumbakarnan come across as a virtuous person, who was caught in the conflict between his sense of duty and loyalty towards his brother Ravanan, and the path of Dharma or righteousness.

The lecture was part of the monthly series, Ithihaasa Paathirangal (Epic Characters), organised by Chennai 2000-Plus Trust and Vivekananda Cultural Centre (VCC) at Vivekanandar Illam, Marina.

Ramasamy said one should remember that Kumbakarnan was part of the Rakshasa tribe, and yet he talked about Dharma, criticised his brother and king Ravanan for abducting and detaining Sita, as an act against Dharma. This deserved high praise, said the Tamil scholar.

Ramasamy pointed out that Kumbakarnan was also affectionate towards Vibhishanan though he joined
hands with their enemy Rama.

Kumbakarnan initially took the side of Ravanan, and felt Rama, Lakshmana, and others like Hanuman should be killed.
However, later, on hearing the plea of Vibhishanan in Ravanan’s court, Kumbakarnan changed his view and in the open court, asked Ravanan to send Sita back to her husband unscathed.

During the war, he asks Vibhishanan to stay with Rama so that Lanka will have at least one person
from their family, and to re-build the country.

Kumbakarnan’s exchanges with Ravanan and later with Vibhishanan, as described by Kamban, were literary treasures and continue to marvel writers and scholars, said Ramasamy.

Source: https://newstodaynet.com/index.php/2017/04/02/scholar-paints-flattering-picture-of-kumbakarnan/
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