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நலலதாேர் வீணை!

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நெஞ்சு பொருக்குதில்லையே இந்த நிலை ....மனிதர்களை நினைத்து விட்டால்...சொலடி சிவ சக்தி...
"காலத்தின் கோலமோ (அ) கட்டாயமோ
காலம் எதை நோக்கி செல்கின்றது என்றும் புரியவில்லை.
இசைத்துறைக்கு பேரிழப்பு.
This is what the news report published in The Hindu says:

I made an inquiry about the claim, and A.Ramalingam, commissioner of Art and Culture, who earlier worked as one of thesecretaries to former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, clarified that she had notmade any such promise. Of course, she is an accomplished musician. But duringher tenure, she failed to manage the university efficiently. She had a negativeapproach and had problems with everyone. She also failed to get any grant fromthe University Grants Commission.

[FONT=&quot]Read more at: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/music-varsity-v-c-was-selected-on-merit/article22801480.ece[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
More than a year after her retirement as Vice Chancellor of Music & Fine Arts University, she has blamed the present State Government for easing her out of the post despite the former C.M's assurance for her extension.

[h=1]My students were tutored to attack me: Veena Gayathri[/h]

As a popular child prodigy on the veena, people carried her on to the stage on their shoulders. Now vice-chancellor of Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University, Veena E Gayathri's contribution spans the entire range of music. In a chat with TOI, the soft-spoken Veena Gayathri who can act tough sought to explain what lay behind the recent attack on her office and the threat letter.

Did you anticipate any trouble on the campus?

I was not at all surprised that some hate me for being a disciplinarian. But what shocked me is the extent to which the rowdy elements went. They are not hired goons. They are my students who have been tutored to attack my office and create disturbance. The mridangam department is known for such activities. A key member of that department's faculty did instigate students against me and the college. When I took over, my aim was to introduce more courses and make this institution an excellent place to study but half of my time was gone in tackling the menace. I adopted the carrot-and-stick method with students of the department and I could achieve success to some extent, yet I couldn't wipe out the corruption fully. Finally, I got the faculty member transferred to Madurai. But it didn't end there. His student, Bharani Kumar, who is now in police custody, attacked my office.

There are allegations that you are high-handed and that you suspended a few staff members without strong reasons.

I weigh the pros and cons when I make decisions. If I find there is corruption right under my nose, I immediately put a stop to it no matter how big the person is. I appear to be a soft person. People think I can be taken for granted but I decided to streamline things after I took over the college in 2011.

Did you know in one corner of this college, students used to smoke and drink and use filthy language against me and my faculty?

I can't be blind to such things. I have huge plans for this college. We are soon moving to Sholinganallur where new courses such as architecture, fashion, films and many more interesting divisions will be introduced. The new campus will offer PG and PhD courses. I have a dream so to speak and I know I can make it very fruitful for students to study in this institution.

Read more at: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/My-students-were-tutored-to-attack-me-Veena-Gayathri/articleshow/53459090.cms


It is high time for her to act independently to achieve her ambition from out side. Of course the size of the enrollment of students would be small to start with but even then she can plan with like minded NGOs which are interested in extending help and ready to put their shoulders to pusher forward the wheel of music fraternity astonishingly.let her be encouraged to train suitable and dedicated apart from disciplined student community.

It is the action of the government and doesnot fall under the purview of challenging it as it is a nomination post for the sake of honour, o recognize her talent and expertise knowlege of the ARTISTE.
Not open for further replies.

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