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    A main charecteristic - personality trait of any Brahmin is his Satwikata. This is against others - Rajasa and tamasa charecthers. So let us imbibe the satwik within ourselves.
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    In our troupe, a person asked as to how to measure the spiritual powers
    of a person, is it based on devotion or bakthi, good deeds or service to
    the society, charity, etc. One instantly mentioned Mantravadi has some
    special spiritual powers. Do they follow Atharva Veda, etc.
    Discussion went along and no final opinion could be arrived at. In the
    course of the discussion, our Senior person in the Group, mentioned about
    the properties of a nature, i.e. ignorance, action, inclination towards
    the truth, which a man or woman generally otherwise possesses. Some
    mentioned about the Satwika also defining it as one's code of behaviour
    leading towards the truth. The other fellow told that we normally mention as
    One should be happy with all the 16 abundance of wealth, property, happiness, etc,
    i.e. in Tamil we say Pathinarum Petru Peru Vazhvu Vazhga. During the course of the
    discussion, the Senior Person mentioned that 16 refers to the Spritual Powers - titled
    as Aishwarya. With further explanations, it was mentioned that Shri Hanuman
    had 8 of them and Shri Rama and Shri Krishna had all the 16 powers. If a
    person is able to attain even at least one, they can do miracles, that is what
    the Senior man remarked. However, he said it has lot of intricacies.

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