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    Varalakshmi Vratham and its origins

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    • As the legend of Varalakshmi Vratham goes, the festival is actually a pooja that was pronounced by Lord Parameswara to be performed by his consort Parvathi in search of prosperity for the family.Thus it came to be emulated by married women who sought health, wealth and knowledge for the entire family.
    • Eight forces or energies are recognised and they are known as Sri (Wealth), Bhu (Earth), Sarasvati (learning), Priti (love), Kirti (Fame), Santi (Peace),Tushti(Pleasure) and Pushti(Strength). Each one of these forces is termed a Lakshmi and the eight forces are called Ashta Lakshmis (eight Lakshmis of the Hindus).
    • Praying to Goddess on this day is said to be equivalent to worshiping the Ashta Lakshmis (the eight goddesses of wealth, earth, learning, love, fame, peace, pleasure, and strength). This includes Dhanalakshmi, the goddess of wealth.That is precisely why families also decide to buy gold jewellery and gold coins during Varalakshmi Vratham, as a sign of welcoming Dhanalakshmi into their homes. During this period, several jewellery stores and showrooms in the city have reported an encouraging rise in sales - perfect indication of a continuing tradition.
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