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    This picture could also be real for all we know.We just don't know thats all... if its real or not.
    Most of us human we have a fixed mental image of divinities in our mind and it does sometimes interfere with our ability to even recognize anything divine.

    I feel let the mind be free..dont even have an idea of how Divinities should be or even behave.
    We try to even "control" God sometimes with our mental fixations.

    So even if this picture is not true but at least this video made us think of Hanuman Ji when all of us viewed it.
    After all the Bhava feeling is more important than the Visual perception.
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    We, humans made different religions and different Gods. There is a POWER which controls the universe and we are aware

    of it when things don't happen in the way we want, even after our sincere efforts! So, the ALMIGHTY, we name as GOD.

    Some name it as Fate. (when we achieve something, we say 'I DID IT'! Seldom, we think of GOD)

    Human mind wanders like a monkey and hence to have concentration of the mind, we NEED to focus on something and

    we take whichever God / Goddess we admire and love as our Ishta Deyvam. So, the group of people who went with

    the man who took the picture, imagined the figure found in his camera as Sri Hanumanji. Thats all!


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