Ashtami,navami - why inauspicious?
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    Ashtami,navami - why inauspicious?

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    Ashtami, Navami-- Why Inauspicious ?

    Lord Krishna

    Lord Krishna the 8th incarnation of lord Maha Vishnu was born on Ashtami Thithi in prison in Mathura. He had to suffer alot to establish himself.

    Lord Rama

    Lord Rama the 9th incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu was born on Navami Thithi at Ayodhya.Though he was very much loved by his father King Dasaratha, he had to spend 14 years in forest with his family. There he met innumerable Sufferings.

    Durgaashtami & DurgaNavami

    During navarathri celebrations Goddess Durga is worshipped on Ashtami & Navami andhence these 2 days are called as above.

    Why Inauspicious ?

    It is because of astrological & astronomical factors that these 2 days are deemed as in auspicious.. According to our scriptures, the days are numbered according to the state of the moon. "Prathamai" is the first day after full moon day or a new moon day(Prathama means one in sanskrit) 'Dvithiyai" This is the second day. 'Truthiyai is the 3rd Day and so on.Thus Ashtami & Navami are the 8th & 9th days after the full/new moon day.The number 8 is associated with Saturn which is a planet with "tamasic" qualities. The number 9 is associated with Mars, a Ferocious planet. Hence these days are considered inauspicious to men and not to Gods.

    There fore the Hindu Vedic Astrology, discourages the important functions like marriage,upanayanam, ear boring ceremony, seemandham,Grihapravesham,registration of properties etc, etc. on these days

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