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    Looking for a Brahmin Mami to look after 10 month old in Selaiyur

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    We are looking for a live in mami to take care of our 10 month old son and also help with the house hold chores.. Expecting reliability and sincerity.we promise a feel at home stay.

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    let me first of all wish you the best in your search. based on the info given, it appears that you are thinking of returning to work after the birth of your son.

    based on the experience of folks advertising for 'brahmin' help, and the feedback provided, it may not be a bad idea to widen your base.

    for starters, you might want to list the key characterestics of the 'help' that you desire ie

    - age (definitely older than 15 and younger than 50 - young babies demand a lot of energy, as you well know)
    - familiarity with babies (more than the average help-skillset)
    - consistently cheerful (as you dont want your baby to pick up bad vibes & familiarity to skulking, scolding and physical abuse - not sure how this can be filtered, but some good references would give you a comfort feeling for starters, and surprise visits to the house regularly at different times)
    - cleanliness. enough said. poverty is not an excuse for filth.
    - caste or religion - to me these should be the least of the concerns. i have a neice who has a christian live in. she is so reliable and clean and can cook brahmin food and respects our traditions and customs and helps out in all the functions and above all both her children, now grown up, adore her.

    don't you think these are what you should be looking for, in order to be fair to your baby. your son is your most precious gift. do not pray be blinded by your prejudices, to get him second rate care while you are away punching the keyboards.

    best wishes...
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