Parabrahma temple at Oachira ,Kerala
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    Parabrahma temple at Oachira ,Kerala

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    We all know that impersonal aspect of Absolute Truth(god) is Parabrahma.And we hardly find any temple for this impersonal aspect of god.
    But there is a temple in Oachira,Kerala for Parabrahma moorthy.
    The temple is unique in India as there is no sanctum sacntorum fo this temple and has no temple structures. The prasadam is the holy mud from the temple and believe to have medicinal value.
    The legend has it that a devotee of Parabrahama constantly inquired about personal aspect of Parabrahama to a preist. After losing the perseverance the priest told that the parabrahma look alike a buffalo. After hearing that the devotee had worshipped the Parabrahma in the form of buffalo for 48 days .
    On the last day impressed by the deevotee's prayer Parabrahma moorthi gave His dharsan in the form of buffalo.

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