The limitations of Science and Technology
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    The limitations of Science and Technology

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    There are four landmarks for a soul (i) non-living energy and matter (ii) living being (iii) human being (iv) liberated being

    The phase of non-living being such as energy and matter is to make the soul realize that knowledge needs to be sought actively by transcending the dimension of space. By the end of this phase, the soul gets into a unified non-disintegrable consciousness and the beginnings of the sense of self emerge.

    Having conquered space it continues its journey as a living being. Its main source of acquiring knowledge is direct perception of physical reality. The experiences in this phase of soul is to make it realize that it has to go beyond the perception of literally the surface reality. It then evolves into a really intelligent entity.

    It starts its journey into the hidden reality or the realm of time. The purpose of the human life is to make the soul realize that inferences based on surface reality such as direct observations and direct perceptions is still an incomplete way of acquiring knowledge. Real knowledge is acquired solely by profound mental perception and thereby soul becomes non-disintegrable in time thereby transcending time.

    In as much as these different landmarks in the journey of a soul is a part of its progress, each one is also a point of de-emphasizing the means of knowledge that was used prior to that landmark.
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