Wanted - 2/3 Bedroom Apartment in Chennai
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    Wanted - 2/3 Bedroom Apartment in Chennai

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    I am looking to rent/lease a 2/3 bedroom, hall and kitchen apartment in Chennai.

    If it is a 3 bedroom apartment, 2 bedrooms must have attached toilets.
    Car Parking would be good.
    Within the city limits and not outside...
    Must be close to all basic amenities.
    Good water (both drinking and bore) supply and electricity.
    Preferably in an area where Airtel Broadband is available (there are some areas that do not have one).
    Not looking for a "ondu kudhuthanam" type of places...as far as possible there has to be a good amount of privacy from the neighbours.

    All other things can be discussed via email/phone.

    If you know any, please send me a private message or email me at admin@tamilbrahmins.com with the subject line as "3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent".

    If the email subject line does not have this, the email will be ignored...

    This is a time limited requirement. I am on the lookout through other sources as well. So first come first serve basis only.

    Contact - Guidelines

    Since i do not read all the posts, if you need to bring something to my attention report the post or send me a message with the link.

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