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    IP1: What is Bhagavan or God known through Vedas and how it is different from the commonly understood definition that God is Omnipotent (limitless power), Omnipresent (pervades space and therefore everywhere), and Omniscient (limitless knowledge)

    IP2: If God is considered Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient there is an established contradiction. If God knows what will happen, and decides to differently, he's not omniscient. If he knows and can't change it, he's not omnipotent.

    R: The above definition of God is influenced by biblical religions. Bhagavan cannot be viewed through the lens of causality because causality implies God entity is bound by the fabric of space and time. Time itself is known to be an illusion even by the scientific research. For reference see the thread from this post onwards.

    Reference: https://www.tamilbrahmins.com/showth...582#post312582

    The knowledge portion of Vedas teach, not preach, an understanding (not belief) of Bhagavan that does not have the above contradiction. Vedanta, teaches that Time is not real as well and science has finally come into alignment in such a way that this truth even touches our life almost on a daily basis.

    IP3: What does it mean to say time is an illusion and how is it getting validated in my day today life?

    R: Time seem to be universal and flows in one direction for all of us. It seems to be a concrete thing that affects all our life from our understanding of birth to death. Even a computer needs a clock for its precise actions. Yet the entire notion of time experienced by us is not real

    IP1: How can you say that? If we did not have a common view of time, not a single thing can happen

    R: We are all in the same 'reference' and have a common experience of time. But searching for truth via Science in modern times or by Vedantic revelations of Rishis, there are proofs that time is not needed to describe reality in Physics and that time itself is a myth (falsehood) as per Vedantic teaching. There was a discussion about examples from special relativity in this post below. There are Youtube links in that post that may be watched for more clarity.

    Reference: https://www.tamilbrahmins.com/showth...870#post323870

    IP2: Is there an example that can be understood more easily?

    R: The cited thread was describing how Time as an entity is NOT an absolute entity and is based on what is known as Special Relativity. There is an example from General Relativity that we can understand a bit more easily as to how it touches our lives. Time is known to go faster closer to earth than away from the earth due to the effect of the gravitational pull of earth. In other words an atomic clock will go faster on earth than on a satellite. This has nothing to do with the mechanism of how the atomic or any other clock is designed. It is just that time goes faster. So someone in a space station for 6 months would have aged less by few seconds than a person on earth. The GPS (Global Positioning System) in our phone that helps us to navigate through apps like Google Maps has to take into account the fact that time in the satellite is going slower compared to earth. By receiving signals from these satellites (3 or more) and by triangulation the exact location of a phone is determined that helps to navigate using Google Maps for example.

    That is an example where if the correction were not applied the whole maps app cannot work properly.

    R: Bottom line is that Time is not absolute and hence not real. Space is related to Time as an opposite according to Sri Sankara. Also in the Pancha Boothas that are defined we have space but not Time. If Time is an illusion, space-time is an illusion , then the whole discussion of causality is an illusion. And Bhagavan cannot be bound by causality since the concept of Causality, Time and Space arises by his/her power. All the more reason it is best not to go by definition of God in terms of biblical beliefs but learn Bhagavan through the teachings of the Sruthi (Vedas) which in this case are the Upanishads

    IP3: Are these details based on your attending classes?

    R: I did not attend any classes on the topic area such as Bhja Govindam. If one is studying Vedanta with Sri Sankara Bhashyam with qualified teachers for more than a decade and if one has formally studied Physics and Engineering, then it is easy to see the truth of a verse. I present this in my own style but obviously anything I describe as truth are not my own. If I had misinterpreted something despite the training then it will be my fault and I can be corrected. Knowingly I am not stating anything that is not the truth and can be independently verified by qualified experts.

    Note: I plan to post once every one or two weeks and it may take several months for the thread to be complete. I have received feedback to keep these relatively short and will try to do so thereby increasing the number of posts. We will examine, misconceptions about seeking Govinda, the meaning of Moodamathe in depth, examine why Bhaja Govindam is described three times and its implications, the meaning of nihite kale, and Dukrunjkarane. I plan to discuss what it means to follow the teachings of this first verse and conclude. So that is the road map.
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