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    Great laurels

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    *JOKE OF THE DAY :::::::::::*

    Once 5 people were traveling by Aeroplane...

    1. Sachin,
    2. Ambani,
    3. Narinder Modi,
    4. Dr APJ Abdul kalam & ;
    5. A School Girl

    Suddenly.... the Aeroplane ..developed a technical snag....

    Only 4 parachutes were available in the Aeroplane....

    Sachin said: "I am world's greatest batsman. ..I must live..."

    Took a parachute and jumped. ..

    Ambani said: "I am the richest indian...I must live.."

    Then took second parachute and jumped.....

    Narinder Modi said:"I am the most Popular leader in India. ..I must live. .."

    Took a parachute and jumped. ..

    *APJ said to the school girl*

    "Beta, *you are the future of this country*...you must live.. come on... take the parachute and jump..."

    School girl smilingly replied -

    "But we have *two parachutes* available. ..Narinder Modi *took my school bag ...and jumped.*
    A what's up joke

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