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    Sumitra's advice to Lakshmana

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    In Ramayana there is the famous episode of Sumitra instructing Lakshmana to consider Seetha as his mother and Rama as his father, when Lakshmana seeks her permission to accompany Rama and Seetha to the forests. There is a tamil song which my mother used to sing and the lyrics are Thaye Seethaiyun thakappan Raman antha thvamel chellada Lakshmana (தாயே சீதையுன்ததகதகப்பபனபன் ராமன் அன்தத்தத்தவமேல் வனம் செல்லலட லக்‌ஷ்மணா) Now my mother is no more and I would like to find what the full song is and in which work it occurs. Any help to locate it is appreciated. Also please pardom my mistakes in my tamil typing. I tried google in tamil and english, but with no result.

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