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    Researchgate: Can we really trust statistics?

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    In another thread, I posted some study done by UNICEF.
    Some concerned members expressed skeptic opinion of the study.

    That is a fair observation.

    In this day of Trump, every news not favorable to their POV is fake news.
    I agree that some journalists have not been honest and are biased. Nut by and large they put themselves in harm's way to bring us information from far and wide. On the average, most of the journalists are doing great work. They are human so they will have biases and mistakes.

    We can not ignore all information and create our own news. If we knock down the institutions to suit out need today, we destroy the fabric of the society for the future.

    Let us say that we do not believe the earth is a sphere, and that it goes around the sun.
    One can not be made to believe it. We might be able to show as to why it is a fact, but we may not be able to prove it to the satisfaction of the skeptic.

    We can show the photograph of human being landing on the moon, but there are conspiration theorist who do not believe it.

    Similarly, some individuals do not want to believe that some climate change is caused by the human being. I
    I believe that we the human being do cause the climate change. And so do the majority of the scientific community.

    Should we let the minority of people(with their private agenda) dictate to the world?

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