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    Question to the woman who chose to leave India – how is the US any better?

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    Readers’ comments: Question to the woman who chose to leave India – how is the US any better?

    A selection of responses to an article republished on Scroll.in about a student who renounced her Indian citizenship over its poor women’s safety record.

    No country for women

    This article is a case study on the intersection of privilege and lack of perspective (“First person: I loved India. But after Nirbhaya’s rape and murder, I decided to leave it forever”). The author felt oppressed by India because India “failed [its] women”, and her solution is to join a military force that has engaged in brutal, unnecessary violence, bringing untold misery around the world for decades, in a country where the rate of violence against women is virtually identical to that of India and where gender bias and discrimination is so pervasive as to spawn the #MeToo movement. All of that seems worth it because she can leave home at 3 am and stay out late at night.

    Perhaps one day she will meet some of the underprivileged women in her newly adopted country who cannot stay out late at night or leave home at that time without facing the same horrors she fled. And maybe she will realise that the reason she had never encountered these people before is because America hyper-segregates its society to the point that the underprivileged are invisible to privileged people like her – unlike India, where rich and poor, privileged and underprivileged, live in closer proximity to each other and as a result share more of the consequences of society’s problems. With all its flaws, India is brave enough to outrage openly over its problems and try to solve them together instead of sweeping them under the rug the American way. Better that people like this stay away so that those who care to make India a better place can work towards social progress. – Sandeep S

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