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    Reported massacre of Kodavas by Tipu in 1785

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    The Kodavas faced a genocide – some historians call it a holocaust – at the hands of Tipu Sultan. But unfortunately, that has remained hidden in the pages of history.

    Now, the Codava National Council wants the massacre of its people at Devati Paramb to be recognised globally and is making a special demand.

    Kodavas Want Spotlight On Genocide Inflicted Upon Them By Tipu Sultan

    [COLOR=rgba(54, 54, 52, 0.6)]The Codava National Council wants the massacre of its people at Devati Paramb to be recognised globally. (Photo: Codava National Council website)

    Kodagu district, a hilly one known for its coffee, orange, homestays, martial history and hockey, is seeing a rising of a different kind. Led by the Codava National Council (CNC), people in the district are now contemplating asking the Centre to declare the district an independent ‘C’ category region. A ‘C’ region is an autonomous one or a hill council along the lines of some in the north-eastern region.

    The CNC, which has been making this demand for the last 28 years, has intensified its efforts, giving an international push by raking up an issue that has remained hidden in the pages of history.

    The CNC is raising the issue of massacre of Kodavas by Tipu in 1785, saying it is as significant a persecution as that of the Jews and other genocides witnessed across the world in the past. “This is no ordinary event. On that fateful day of 12 December 1785, Tipu’s army massacred 60,000 Kodavas at Devati Paramb, reducing the original Kodava population to a few thousand. It was nothing short of a holocaust,” says a historian.

    At the meeting organised by Tipu on Devati Paramb grounds, over 1.1 lakh people gathered to witness a truce between his army and the Kodavas. Tipu raided Kodagu 11 times, and each time he was defeated by the valiant Kodava army. He wanted to gain access to the Mangaluru port for strategic purposes, but he couldn’t. When his commanders lost all hopes of access to Mangaluru, Tipu organised a truce with the help of French legionnaires who wanted both parties to assemble at Devati Paramb, unarmed. On 13 December 1785, Kodavas trusted them and assembled there, but Tipu colluded with the French and hid his fully armed army in the adjoining forests. Even as the Kodavas partook the “friendship meal”, Tipu’s army unleashed the massacre that Indian history has never seen.

    Read more at: https://swarajyamag.com/politics/kod...ampaign=buffer

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