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    One NRI wife calls home for help every 8 hours

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    It is reported that some of them are in distress and call home every monthwanting to come back reason being ill-treatment, torture, sexual abuse, etc

    One NRI wife calls home for help every 8 hours

    BENGALURU: Many Indian parents look for a foreign match fortheir daughters but here's a reason to be wary.
    On average, at least one woman married toan
    NRI calls home every eight hours seeking help to returnafter being deserted by her husband or because of reasons like ill-treatmentand physical torture.

    Complaints received by the ministry of externalaffairs (MEA) show that in the 1,064 days between January 1, 2015 and November30, 2017, the MEA received 3,328 such complaints an average of more thanthree calls a day or one every eight hours.

    Most of the women are originally from Punjab andAndhra-Telangana followed by Gujarat, say lawyers, activists and people workingin Indian missions abroad. The National Institute of Public Cooperation andChild Development, in its study on deserted women some years ago, also confirmsthis fact.

    'Most dowry complaints fromAndhra-Telangana'

    Aarthi Rao worked with the Indian embassy inWashington DC for 16 years, six of which were as a community developmentofficer dealing with such cases.

    Read more at: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...w/62782501.cms

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    greedy/money is the main reason....educated gals are having problem with adjustment...
    asato maa sadh gamayaa, tamaso maa jyotir
    gamayaa, mrityor maa amritham gamayaaa..
    om shanti, om shanti, om shanti...upanishad
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