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    7,000 super-rich Indians shifted base in 2017

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    India witnessed the second largest outflow of millionaires with 7,000 high net worth individuals changing their domicile during 2017, according to a report.

    In 2016, the figure stood at 6,000, while in 2015 as many as 4,000 millionaires shifted base, the report by New World Wealth stated.

    China tops the global list with 10,000 super-rich Chinese changing their domicile in 2017.

    Other countries that witnessed large high net worth individual (HNI) outflows include Turkey (6,000), United Kingdom (4,000),
    France (4,000) and Russian Federation (3,000).

    As per the migration trends, Indian HNIs moved to the US, the UAE, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, while Chinese HNIs moved to the US, Canada and Australia.


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