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    Dharma not Lakshya

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    For my daughter's birthday

    Goals are like mountain peak

    Climb hard for what you seek
    May need helping hands to lift
    May be ropes when you drift

    Every second you hold on hope
    Of not falling off from the slope
    Peaks are 'objects' that you covet
    Success trophies that you trumpet..

    Remember as a student year on year
    No ropes, no hands; You did without fear
    Focused on learning one hundred percent
    'Objects' became 'subjects' and servants..

    As 'objects' become 'subjects' making us wise
    Goals come and go before we realize..
    Goals (Lakshya) are signposts that glow
    Duty (Dharma) is river of efforts that flow..

    Focus on the duty; With us ever it stays..
    If goals become master; we become slaves..
    Dharma not Lakshya; path not the peak
    Sculpt that path with perfection you seek

    Happy Birthday dear


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