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    The Private School Revolution in India

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    While the ground reality isdecrease in the ratio of enrolement of students in Govt. schools, there isincrease is private school.

    There are reports that wehave Govt. schools with more teachersand less children, similarly there are no teacher, but more children Öthis appears to be scenario of few Govt.schools.

    It is also the results that matter.. standard of education, discipline and overall enriching of knowledge.

    The Private SchoolRevolution In India

    I wrote yesterday (21January) about the global evidence showing that more money does not improve thelackluster performance of government schools.
    Those resultsare not surprising because we see the same thing inthe United States. More money is good for theeducation bureaucracy, but it doesnít lead to better studentoutcomes.
    Now letís focuson the solution to this problem. Simply stated, we need to break up thegovernment education monopoly and unleash market forces.
    Previous columnshave looked at the success of school choice in Sweden, Chile,and the Netherlands.
    Now letís lookat India, another country where private education has experienced amazinggrowth. Iím actually in that country for some speeches on regulatory reform(specifically, how India can improve its Doing Business score)and Iíve taken advantage of this situation to learn about the amazingdevelopments in education.
    Read more at: https://swarajyamag.com/ideas/the-pr...ampaign=buffer

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