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    Secret underground 'mini city' discovered in PM Narendra Modi's constituency Varanasi

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    How was the security allowed to be compromised in PM's constituency?

    Secret underground 'mini city' discovered in PM Narendra Modi's constituency Varanasi
    Varanasi: In a shocking incident, a 'mini city' has been discovered under the ground not far away from famous Kashi Vishwanath temple on Monday.

    The underground settlement was discovered in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's constituency by SSP RK Bharadwaj while he was on patrol after midnight.
    A shocked captain lambasted the local police and asked them to prepare a report on the entire area immediately.
    The work was going on of a settlement underground near the Kashi Vishwanath temple, which has always been a target of terror group's, and the development authorities, municipal administration and the police were completely unaware of it.
    There have been reports of intelligence agency failure in the constituency as well.
    The matter came to light when the SSP was inspecting the progress of the order of removing settlements that were encroaching in the Dalmandi area.
    Bharadwaj noticed a faint light from a padded basement in front of Hafeez Mosque where the work in the basement was underway.
    When he entered the old house he found out that there was an arrangement for parking as well. The police and Bharadwaj were in shock. The construction began at Dalmandi and ended on the Beniya Park road. When they took a closer look, they saw that there were 40 settlements constructed one after another.
    Bharadwaj started the investigation and what awaited them was shocking. A market-like area was being made in the basement and there were a large number of containers kept. The area near the mosque is also being dug up.
    SSP Bharadwaj said that this kind of situation is indeed dangerous as there were no signs of a whole market being set up under Dalmandi area.
    He said that police will take all the needed actions and a letter to higher authorities is also being written.


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