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    Hindi Medium actor Saba Qamar talks about humiliation

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    Actor Saba Qamar, who was recently seen with Irrfan Khan in Bollywood film Hindi Medium, has opened her heart about the humiliation she faces at international airports for being a Pakistani.

    In a viral video, she talks about the tough nature of frisking at international airports. With tears in eyes, Saba says that it gets really difficult to go through such a humiliating process of checking when the security staff looks at her with suspicion. She says that such things have a connection with her being a Pakistani actor.


    Sangati ka Phal. But because of Pakistan and Islam being so closely associated with Terror, others too suffer.

    Seba, you have a voice, say it to your country people and your leaders to change their ways and give up terrorism, kick out all the terrorist holed up in Pakistan.
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    Unfortunately such people are a minority in Pakistan.

    Having a rivalry with a neighboring country is one thing. Waging terrorism and jihad is another.
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