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    A landmark verdict in Tamil Nadu sets a precedent for honor killing

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    In a landmark verdict and the harshest so far involving a hate crime, a Tirupur court sentenced six people to death for the 2016 murder of dalit youth V Shankar who was an engineering graduate. The 22 year old was murdered by a gang for marrying Kausalya, a non dalit. The killing took place in broad daylight near a bus stand with CCTV capturing it.

    Kausalya’s father was among the six who face capital punishment. Kausalya’s mother and uncle, who were suspects, were let off due to lack of evidence. She welcomed the verdict saying in part, “I had waited for more than one and half years to get justice. The judgment has increased my belief in judiciary”. She did add that she would appeal against the acquittal of three people in the case, which included her mother and uncle.

    Independent journalist Kavita Muralidharan in a column for The Wire, said that the verdict offers hope for those who are fighting to annihilate caste –

    “Honor killings are not new in Tamil Nadu. Activists like Evidence’s Kathir who have consistently been working on Dalit issues put the number of honor killings in the state at over 180 in five years. The killing of Kannagi and Murugesan in 2003 arguably remains the most gruesome one in the state”.

    Regarding the case referred above, in 2003, a married couple Kannagi and Murugesan were poisoned to death and burnt because they belonged to different castes. Before they forced him to drink poison, the killers had tortured him for information on Kannagi’s whereabouts. “The December 12 judgment offers a rare glimpse of hope for those consistently fighting against honor killings in the state. For Kausalya, a law against honor killing would probably be the final justice for Sankar’s murder”.

    Read more at: http://www.sify.com/news/a-landmark-...LXiggcceb.html

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