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    Mom complains about no stationery for left-handed kids; gets special ones in return

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    Company sends customized sharpener meant for left-handed kids and thus wins the heart of a left-handed kid….

    Mom complains about no stationery for left-handed kids; gets special ones in return

    When a Thane mom was concerned about no sharpeners for her left-handed kid, one of the stationery manufacturers not only assured her to look into the matter, but also sent her a set of five-sharpeners especially made for left-handers.

    Do you ever wonder why most things are made in accordance with right-handed people in the world? Well, one can argue that there are more right-handed people, but does that mean we completely ignore the lefties in the rush? A few items like a guitar can be ordered and made especially for left-handers, but there are numerous everyday items that go amiss, especially at school for kids. From sharpeners to scissors and even notebooks — all cater to right-handers. So, when a mother of a four-and-a-half-year-old found her daughter sad because sharpening pencils at school was tough, she decided to do something about it. And guess what, it was worth it!

    Shweta Singh from Thane, Mumbai was concerned to see her daughter, Isha, upset as soon as she returned from school one day. Upon inquiry, the little one explained, “Mummy, I am unable to sharpen my pencil whereas all the other kids easily do that. [sic]”. Her child’s response really got her thinking. “I thought for the reason and realised that the sharpeners available in the market are manufactured for the right-handed people. It is very difficult for a 4-year-old left-handed skilled kid to use it [sic], ” she wrote in a Facebook post, and it got many social media users talking.

    Read more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/tre...pener-4985161/

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