Doing Right For The Right Reason!
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    Doing Right For The Right Reason!

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    In a complex, chaotic world, living a virtuous, upright life is a challenge. Despite this, many people are apparently engaged in doing good and are trying to lead meaningful lives. They are doing charity, are dutiful towards their families and jobs, are observing integrity in their day-to-day dealings, adhering to truth and doing all that comes within the ambit of an ideal life.

    Righteousness cannot be thrust on anyone. We do not become good by trying to be good. We have to find the goodness that is already within us and permit that goodness to emerge to permeate our thoughts, words and deeds. Also, no one is good by accident. Virtue has to be learnt. Spirituality is the path to virtue.

    By and large, it is observed that we are compelled to embark on a spiritual journey due to two reasons. Firstly, when a smooth, comfortable life is suddenly smothered by some unforeseen catastrophe, leaving us gasping for breath, we intuitively seek solace in spirituality. It is during our darkest moments, seeking the light, that the seeds of goodness germinate. Conversely, when we choose to be blind to the light, when we prefer to wallow in self-pity or blame others for our misfortune, then goodness evades us.

    Secondly, when all our material needs and sensory desires have been fully satiated but we still find ourselves floundering in a sea of unhappiness and discontentment, the moment of epiphany comes. This is the time when the tinsel of the outer world loses its sheen, leaving us disillusioned and perplexed. We spontaneously turn inward. A relentless quest for eternal joy commences, this being the portal to achieving goodness.

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