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Thread: Kumar b zodiac

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    Kumar b zodiac

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    Please provide the following information so that it is easier for everyone.
    Note: Provide as much information as possible. If no information is available, leave blank or delete the row.

    Bio Data:

    Name of the Bridegroom: B KUMAR
    Date of Birth/Age: 40 YEARS
    Height: 165 cm
    Body Type: Average
    Complexion: Fair
    Marital Status: Never Married
    Educational Qualifications: B.A
    Designation: MARKETING
    Place of Work: MADURAI
    Job Location: MADURAI
    Income: 35,000 PM
    Willing to Relocate: Yes
    Other Details (hobbies/likes/dislikes etc.):

    Family Details: Delete the options that are not relevant.
    Father's Name: BALASUBRAMANIAN
    Native: SHANTHA
    Father's Status: Passed Away
    Mother's Status: Passed Away
    Affluence Level: Middle Class
    Total No of Brothers: 4
    Total No of Sisters:2
    Contact Person: KUMAR

    Subsect/Caste: Vadamal / Brahacharam / Vathimal / Ashtasahasram / Choziyal / Thenkalai / Vadakalai / Telungal / Madhwa / Kannadiga / Tulu / Brahmin / Namboodri / Others / Do not wish to specify

    Horoscope Details: Provide as much information as possible. If no information is available, leave blank or delete the row.

    Balance Dasa:
    Dasa in Years:
    Dasa in Months:
    Dasa in Days: I WILL GIVE THE DETAILS WHEN CONTACTED 07871773337
    Day of Birth:
    Time of Birth (in HH-MM format):
    Place of Birth:

    Partner Preference: Delete the options that are not relevant.

    Age Difference: NO BAR
    Partner Marital Status: Never Married
    Have Children:
    Profession: Doesn't Matter
    Educational Qualifications: NO BAR
    Subsect: Acceptable / Not Acceptable
    Partner Complexion: Doesn't Matter
    Partner Expectations (more about your desired partner): LIKE MINDED
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    Sorry for the inconvenience. I registered this site for my son only. I asked for the bride not bridegroom. Wrongly this message is coming to me always.
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