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    The Bachelor Husband - Ganapati

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    Few days back, I had an argument with my son on Ganapati being bachelor and having two wives at the same time. I wrote this at that time.

    Energy behind the Momentum
    Whether it is classical or quantum
    Is potential becoming Kinetic
    This is life made simplistic..

    Ability to analyze diverse thoughts
    To endure struggles in our hearts
    Knowledge of laws that govern us all
    Is the ‘potential’ making us who we are..

    When inhibiting forces go away
    Potential becomes kinetic they say..
    Potential gives us perseverance
    Evolution is a kinetic sequence..

    Inhibitions need to be driven away
    Our Manas, the Will can do it anyway.
    When Manas, the Will starts marching its way
    Potential drops; Kinetic holds sway

    This ‘potential’ and ‘kinetic’ are in our brain
    Lord (Pati) of our (Ganas) organs chain
    Living alone atop single and free
    Brain is the bachelor ganapati

    'Analyzing thoughts', 'enduring struggles' ability
    Is the potential of brain, the ‘Buddhi’
    When Manas (Will) kicks out our inhibitions
    What flows is Chitti’, our actions

    Ganapathi thus has two wives to manage
    Manas, the Will balances this marriage
    Fear, anger, jealousy, laxity are some inhibitions
    That blocks our potential becoming actions

    Let our Manas the will 'work' to remove these
    Let our Kinetic actions flow out with ease
    Hope you understand why they say..
    If you have the Will, you have the way..


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