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    #37. nAma 721 to 740

    721. अनेकमूर्तिः (anEkamoortih)
    He who has several forms

    722. अव्यक्तः (avyaktah)
    He who can not be perceived by the sense organs

    723. शतमूर्तिः (s’atamoortih)
    He who has hundreds of different forms

    724. शताननः (s’atAnanah)
    He who ha hundreds of different faces

    725. एकः (Ekah)
    He who has none equal to or second to him

    726. नैकः (naikah)
    He who sports many different forms

    727. सवः (savah)
    He who is of The nature of the sacrifice

    728. कः (kah)
    He who is of the nature of pure bliss

    729. किम् (kim)
    He is the one to be inquired into to find “What is His Nature?”

    730. यत् (yat)
    He is ‘That’ Which is self existent

    731. तत् (tat)
    He is ‘That which expands into the world of plurality’

    732. पदमनुत्तमम् (padam-anuttamam)
    He who is The unequalled state of perfection

    733. लोकबन्धुः (lOkabandhur)
    He who is a Friend of the whole world

    734. लोकनाथः (lOkanAthah)
    He who is The Lord of the world

    735. माधवः 9mAdhavah)
    He who is born in the family of Madhu

    736. भक्तवत्सलः (bhaktavatsalah)
    He who loves all His devotees

    737. सुवर्णवर्णः (suvarNa-varNah)
    He who is Golden-coloured

    738. हेमांगः (hemAngah)
    He who has limbs of gold

    739. वरांगः (varAngah)
    He who has beautiful limbs

    740. चन्दनांगदी (chandanAngadee)
    He who wears attractive armlets

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